Stacey Solomon got nervous for babys weighing day after trauma with son Rex

Stacey Solomon has shared how she got herself “worked up” when it came to weighing her newborn baby daughter.

Stacey, 32, gave birth to her newest arrival on 4 October last week, which was also Stacey’s birthday.

On Sunday night, the Loose Women star shared an adorable video of her newborn daughter wriggling and yawning in her cot, as Stacey shared how the latest weigh-in was “a little bit traumatic” and made her “nervous” after her previous weight day with son Rex hadn't gone as planned.

Captioning the video “Sunday and Sunsets”, Stacey wrote: “It was weighing day today. I got really nervous, Rex's weight day he was down 14% and it was all a bit traumatic.

"So I worked myself up a bit today… But she's ok and well within the lines! So now my shoulders are finally down and I'm in bed, Rex is asleep next to me and I'm watching the sunset whilst watching her wake up & get ready for her night feeding party."

“But I'm ready with ten pints of water and a giant Dairy Milk Daim bar."

Although their baby girl is a week old, Stacey and fiancé Joe Swash have still not officially named her.

Stacey has three other children; 13-year-old Zachary and nine-year-old Leighton from previous relationships and two year-old Rex with Joe.

Speaking about thinking of names for the baby, Stacey revealed she’d previously had to rule out one name as it spelled out a rude word.

The couple were thinking of naming their new arrival Autumn Solomon-Swash, but then realised the unfortunate word its initials would spell out.

She told her followers on Instagram: “We loved the name Autumn but then we realised her initials would be ASS. 'So it helped us rule out all of the 'A' names.'

The star appealed for help from fans for baby names last week as she explained how her and Joe were still undecided. "All of the boys are in school today… So Joe and me are going to spend the day getting the baby name books out and hopefully find out what her name is," she explained on Instagram.

"Any ideas welcome…I love hearing ideas for names, my mind is completely blank."

Stacey had a home birth for her new child and shared clips of various stages of her labour online.

She gave birth using only gas and air, but admitted at one point she "quickly regretted not staying in hospital and getting an epidural."

However, Stacey quickly forgot the pain of childbirth as she added: "Then…she was in our arms in real life."

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