Shawn Mendes 'shook in fear' when Camila ordered bananas at sushi restaurant

Shawn Mendes revealed he used to ‘shake in fear’ when girlfriend Camila Cabello ordered bananas in a sushi restaurant.

To be fair, bananas and sushi is an interesting mix…

The Senorita singer, 22, has been dating the Havana star, 23, for more than a year – and have been basically inseparable ever since.

Calling into Ash London Live, talk turned to their blossoming relationship – and how this had impacted his upcoming album Wonder.

When asked if Camila’s sense of fearlessness was rubbing off on him, or if it was a sense of him growing older, he said: ‘I think absolutely both.

‘Camila is fearless where she’ll walk into like a sushi restaurant and be like, “do you guys have bananas?”

‘The first couple of times she did that, I was like shaking in stress and fear… And by the fifth time I was like, “Yeah, I’d like a banana too.”’

‘That’s what happens when you date a Latina,’ he laughed.

‘I think that combined with taking a second to reflect and look around, and be like, God I’m so lucky to have this insanely amazing support system of friends and family, and I’m going to be okay.’

Shawn and Camila were first linked last year, after duetting together on the steamy Senorita.

The lovebirds spent much of lockdown together – and were famously spotted having a slow ‘zombie’ walk around the streets of Miami in front of waiting photographers.

Side note: How long ago does that feel now?

And, lifting the lid on the scenes, he confessed they found the videos hilarious to look back on.

Chatting about the infamous pictures in an interview with SiriusXM, the Stitches singer said: ‘Well, there’s this one video of Camila and I, and we’re like, walking down the street really slow. We almost look like zombies from The Walking Dead.

‘Everyone’s like, “What the heck is going on with them? Are they on drugs?” It’s funny ’cause in that moment we were just, pretty overwhelmed by the world. And we were like, “Oh, man. This is a really hard time. This is scary for everyone.”

‘We were just like, “Let’s just walk slow and kind of just meditate and be chill.” It was this really peaceful moment between us, but it’s just so funny to see that, watching that video back.

‘We were dying, laughing because we literally looked like zombies.’

Good to know.

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