Rolling Stones Team Up With The Killers, Jacques Lu Cont For ‘Scarlet’ Remix

The Rolling Stones teamed up with The Killers and Jacques Lu Cont for a remix of “Scarlet,” a recently unearthed collaboration by the Stones with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

The original “Scarlet,” which is part of the upcoming re-issue of the Rolling Stones’ 1973 album Goats Head Soup, features only Mick Jagger and Keith Richards from the Stones lineup.

Page, Traffic bassist Ric Grech, Joe Cocker drummer Bruce Rowland and frequent Stones collaborator Ian Stewart are the other artists featured in the original track.

The deluxe edition of Goats Head Soup, out September 4, includes a remastered version of “Scarlet,” two other unreleased cuts “Criss Cross” and “All the Rage,” from that era, some demos, instrumentals and alternate mixes of seven original cuts.

The Killers and Lu Cont’s rendition of “Scarlet” is slated for the digital deluxe version of Goats Head Soup and will not appear on any of its physical formats.

“Keith kicked it off and I began to mold a riff around his guitar part to augment the arrangement,” Page wrote on Twitter following the song’s release. “It began to lock-in pretty soon with the musicians and we all got a successful take that evening.”

“‘Scarlet’ is a bit of an odd one because it wasn’t really recorded for Goats Head Soup — it was just a song that we had knocking around,” Mick Jagger recently told Rolling Stone. “I remember doing it with a couple of other people [in addition to] the version that was found, the version with Jimmy on it.”

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