Richard Schiff wife: Which Good Doctor co-star is Dr Glassman actor married to?

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The Good Doctor season four will be airing on ABC later this year as fans catch-up with the doctors of St Bonaventure Hospital. One returning cast member will be Richard Schiff who plays Dr Aaron Glassman. However, some fans might not realise he is actually married to one of his co-stars.

Which Good Doctor co-star is Richard Schiff married to?

Dr Aaron Glassman (played by Richard Schiff) is one of the main stars of the ABC series The Good Doctor.

Fans of the show will know him as the president of the St Bonaventure Hospital as well as one of Shaun Murphy’s (Freddie Highmore) main mentors.

However, ahead of his return for season four of the medical drama, some fans will be intrigued to know more about the star behind the role.

The character is played by Schiff, who became a household name for playing Toby Ziegler on The West Wing.

The 65-year-old star is also married to one of his co-stars on the show Sheila Kelley.

Fans will remember Kelley playing Glassman’s love interest in the medical show.

She was first introduced in season one as Debbie Wexler who was a barista at the hospital.

Debbie and Glassman began a romance in the early seasons but eventually broke up.

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However, they then reconnected and Glassman then proposed to Debbie.

She accepted and they married in a civil ceremony on the show.

Debbie last appeared in the season three episode Incomplete and fans are hopeful she will be back in the upcoming fourth outing.

Schiff has opened up in the past about acting alongside his wife during the show.


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Speaking to Deadline in 2018, he said of appearing in a scene with her: “I was having a dinner date with this woman named Debbie, who happened to be played by my real life wife, Sheila Kelley, which was lovely for us. We had a blast doing that.”

In 2019, the star also opened up to E Online about acting together in season two.

He said: “This year I get to work a lot more with my real-life wife, Shelia Kelley, and I’m loving that.

“I love it. She’s such a good actress and she’s so alive on camera. I love working with her.

“She’s great. And then we get to have dinner together back at the hotel, so it’s awesome.”

In real life, Kelley and Schiff pair met in 1983 during auditions for Antigone.

Kelley and Schiff married in 1996 and they have two children together, a son called Gus and a daughter called Ruby.

As well as her role on The Good Doctor, Keeley is also an acclaimed actor.

The star is best-known for playing Gwen Taylor on L.A. Law and as Dr Charlotte Bennett Hayes on Sisters.

The Good Doctor season 4 is expected to return to ABC later in 2020.

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