Prince William copykeens the Sussexes, makes a surprise visit with Afghan refugees

Three weeks ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in New York yet again. They attended the Salute to Freedom gala, Meghan took part in the NY Times’ DealBook summit, and they spent Veterans Day at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. They spent time with soldiers and their families and hosted a luncheon. After the time with servicemen and women, Harry and Meghan made another big stop on the same joint base: they spent time with some of the 10,000 Afghan refugees living on the base since the Joint Coalition forces withdrew. The Sussexes didn’t bring their own cameras, nor was the visit open to the press. They let the military communications team handle everything, from taking and posting photos to highlighting the Amazon wish list for the Afghan refugees. It was a great thing to do and Harry & Meghan were unsurprisingly pitch-perfect at every level.

Now for the clownshow copykeen version! Prince William also visited some Afghan refugees and he was the first to do it or at least that’s what Jason Knauf told him!

Prince William visited with refugees recently evacuated from Afghanistan to hear about their experiences as he promotes community cohesion. The royal arrived in Leeds in the north of England on Tuesday for a surprise visit that underlines the welcoming and diverse communities in Britain who have been uniting to help others, his office at Kensington Palace said.

A key role for the royal family is cementing unity across the U.K. and supporting those who bring communities together. William began Tuesday visiting a hotel in Leeds, which is about 200 miles north of London, where many refugees are being temporarily housed. He wanted to see and hear firsthand about the efforts being made by local authority organizations, charities and community bodies to help them settle.

During his visit, he watched a group of children play as he was also told about the donations of clothes and essentials that have been made by the local community to provide much-needed support. It also gave him a chance to speak with refugees — some who recently arrived and others who have been in the U.K. for several years — and learn about their experiences and hear about the challenges they’ve faced as they rebuild their lives in the U.K.

Later in the day, William visited CATCH, a nearby youth-led charity that provides a range of opportunities for sports, creativity and learning, as well as for volunteering and social action projects. The center provides various recreational activities and spaces for its young members as an alternative to being drawn into criminal behaviors. They take part in ping-pong tournaments, computer games, movie nights, sports activities and more. There’s also a community café that is open to the public and staffed by volunteers, and around a dozen pet goats are kept on-site and cared for by the members.

CATCH also provides a weekly activity session for children evacuated from Afghanistan. These sessions provide a chance for young refugees to socialize and integrate, as well as develop their language skills, in a relaxed, fun setting. It’s also an opportunity for CATCH volunteers to learn about different cultures and for everyone to make new friends.

[From People]

“…He watched a group of children play as he was also told about the donations of clothes and essentials that have been made by the local community to provide much-needed support…” William fundamentally does not understand “leading by example.” It would have been the easiest f–king thing for William to show up with a few bags of necessities, sweaters, shoes, soap, shampoo, literally anything!! The papers would have lavished praise for Bill the Compassionate, Willy the Elegant Refugee-Supporter. Instead, he just showed up like his presence was enough of a gift to the refugees. He didn’t even have his Kensington Palace highlight where other people could donate stuff. He just showed up, played ping-pong, posed for photos and went back to his literal palace.

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