Police K-9 Craps All Over Philadelphia Flyers' Center-Ice Logo

The Philadelphia Flyers’ season just got a whole lot crappier … ’cause on the day they fired their head coach amid a losing skid, a police K-9 defecated all over their center-ice logo.

Just hours after the team canned Alain Vigneault, several dogs from the Philadelphia Police Dept. took a trip to Wells Fargo Center … and you can see in video of their visit, things got messy quickly.

One of the dogs walked all the way out to the red line … popped a squat and then let its bowels go.

The dog pooped for several seconds — and then appeared to unleash even more on the logo!!

Of course, we’re pretty sure it’ll all get cleaned up in time for the Flyers’ Monday evening game against the Colorado Avalanche … but it’s yet another reminder of how badly Philly’s season has gone so far.

The team is currently in the midst of an 8-game losing streak … and they’ve played so poorly recently, there’s not a whole lot of optimism in the City Of Brotherly Love at the moment.

Rough Ruff times for sure.

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