Petra Ecclestone Files to Change Last Name of 3 Kids Shared with Ex-Husband

Petra Ecclestone, the fashion designer/socialite, has filed legal docs to change the names of her 3 kids — from her ex-husband’s name to hers … and it underscores the bitterness of their divorce.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Petra wants the last name of her three kids — Andrew Kulbir Stunt, James Robert Frederick Stunt and Lavinia Stunt, to Ecclestone.

As for why, according to the docs, “To conform children’s last name to mother’s last name … difficult in both daily life and traveling with children with a different name to mother.”

The doc goes on to give another reason for the name change … “Change and remove last name of absentee father who is subject to regular negative media and tabloid articles and criminal investigation.”

The father of the 3 kids, James Stunt, is awaiting trial for money laundering, forgery and racially abusing a black police officer … charges he has denied.

Stunt, a gold bullion dealer, and Ecclestone divorced in 2017, and it there is clearly still a lot of bad blood.

Petra, whose dad is Formula 1 honcho Bernie Ecclestone, is engaged to Sam Palmer … they have a one-year-old daughter together.

The judge has not ruled on her petition. We don’t know if Stunt will oppose her petition, but were unable to reach him.

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