Orlando Bloom trolls fiance Katy Perry in hilarious thirst trap comment, plus more news

Katy Perry reveals Orlando Bloom’s grossest habit on the air after he trolled her on the ‘Gram

Ah, the sweet smell of marital payback! During an interview with “Heart” radio hosts Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston on Jan. 17, Katy Perry was asked to share her fiance, Orlando Bloom’s “worst habit” — and she didn’t have to think too hard to come up with an answer. “Oh my God, he loves to floss, which thank God because some partners don’t and it’s disgusting and he has brilliant teeth,” Katy began in the video chat. “But he leaves the floss, everywhere! On the side of my bed, and in the car, and on the kitchen table … I’m like, ‘There are bins everywhere!'” Katy seemed more than happy to divulge Orlando’s icky dental floss habits to the world, but it turns out he kinda had it coming. A few days before Katy’s interview, she posted a gallery of thirst trap pics on Instagram, including a super hot photo that showed her wearing nothing but pants as she threw her hands up against a wall, glancing back sexily at the camera. Buriedin a pile of fire emojis and comments like “WOW,” “HOT” and “you gonna burn it all down” was one LOL-worthy comment from Orlando, who has a habit of trolling Katy on the ‘Gram. “Babe plz,” Orlando wrote, “can we get some more hazelnut milk we’re running low.”

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn spark engagement rumors after St. Ives getaway

Is an engagement on the horizon for Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn? The singer, 32, and actor, 30, reportedly snuck off together last week for a romantic, three-day escape to the quaint, seaside town of St. Ives in Cornwall, England. “Taylor’s a superstar and obviously very wealthy … but to go that far just for a few days clearly meant a lot to them,” a source told The Sun over the weekend. “It feels like things are getting more serious and people think an engagement could be on the cards. That could explain such a long journey to a specific place.” According the The Sun, Taylor and Joe traveled from her home in Nashville andstopped first in London, where they share a townhouse, before continuing on to St. Ives, where they reportedly rented a luxury home for their three-night stay. The singer and “The Favorite” actor were first linked romantically in 2017, and while fans seem pretty convinced their romance has inspired at least a few of Taylor’s latest lyrics, she explained in her 2020 “Miss Americana” doc that she and her guy “decided together we wanted our relationship to be private.”

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Prince’s estate valued at $156.4 million, ending years-long legal battle

When Prince died unexpectedly in 2016, he left no will behind, which sparked a long series of legal battles between the estate’s heirs and the IRS. Now, nearly six years after the music icon’s death, all parties have agreed that the estate is worth $156.4 million — almost twice what the estate administrator, Comerica Bank, claimed it was worth previously. The number includes a valuation for Prince’s catalog. “It has been a long six years,” attorney L Londell McMillan, who represents the heirs, tells The Guardian. Back in 2020, Comerica filed suit against the IRS on grounds its $163.2 million valuation was based on erroneous information. They reportedly settled on the $156.4 million number and can now start moving towards the distribution phase. Prince was found unresponsive at his home on April 21, 2016, in what was later ruled an accidental fentanyl overdose. Following his death, hundreds of people came forward claiming to be relatives or descendants of the late star before his siblings were identified and named as heirs and millions of dollars were paid in legal fees to sort out the estate, according to Billboard, which reports the estate is now to be split “almost evenly” between the music company Primary Wave and three of Prince’s siblings or their families. Taxes on the estate, however, are expected to be in the “tens of millions of dollars” range, according to the outlet.

Heidi Klum says one of her legs was once deemed ‘more expensive’ than the other

While promoting her new dance single with Snoop Dogg, “Chai Tea With Heidi” on “Ellen” on Jan. 17, Heidi Klum let it slip that one of her runway-ready legs is worth more money than the other one — at least in the eyes of a certain past client. Heidi, 48, was playing a game with Ellen DeGeneres called “Heidi ‘Blanking’ Klum” when she mentioned that a client once took out a $2 million insurance policy on her gams. But that $2 million figure wasn’t split in half equally, with each leg being covered for a cool mil. “When I was young, I fell into a glass and I have, like, a big scar,” Heidi explained. “Obviously I put so much spray tan on right now you can’t see it right now but yeah, one was more expensive than the other one. … It’s weird the things that some people do,” she added with a laugh. According to People, Heidi said in 2007 that her more “valuable” leg was covered for $1.2 million, while the other one was only covered for $1 million.

Leah Remini talks going back to college at 51 after painful Scientologist upbringing

On Instagram over the weekend, Leah Remini shared a black and white headshot of herself that was taken when she was 16. As she shared in the caption, Leah could never have imagined as a teen growing up in a devout Scientologist family that she’d grow up to become a successful star pursuing a college degree at age 51, since the religion frowns on higher education. “Scientologists are taught that kids are no different from adults,” Leah wrote, in part. “So from a young age I was held accountable like an adult and regularly told that anything bad that happened in my life, even things that I wasn’t responsible for, was my fault.” Leah said she’d already been taken out of school by age 16 and “was working to earn a living to support myself and my family,” before explaining that Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard “had a deep disdain for conventional education.” Leah wrote that she’s “been living and working with an 8th grade education” her whole adult life, describing how the small world she inhabited with her family consisted only of other Scientologists. “I saw a successful acting career as a salvation. It would help me get my family out of poverty and give me a higher standing in Scientology which I truly believed was helping to save mankind,” Leah continued. “At the time we were living in squalor with no furniture. Every spare cent we had went to Scientology and I was determined to get my family into better circumstances.” She went on to recall being told at auditions that her “brash approach and thick Brooklyn accent” were holding her back until a voice teacher encouraged her to be herself and she started landing acting work. “Had you told me then that I would be a student at NYU at age 51, I wouldn’t have believed it. I had big dreams but looking back they were rooted in my desire to survive, not to educate myself. And the idea that I would leave Scientology and work to expose the abuses that members face was not a thought I would even conjure up,” she added. Her candid post earned thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. “You’re incredible,” Leah’s pal Chelsea Handler wrote, “and I know it, personally.”

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