Oklahoma Grandmother Charged With MURDER After 3-Year-Old Was Found Dead In Trash Can

An Oklahoma grandmother has been charged with murder after her 3-year-old grandchild was found dead.

In a shocking discovery, Becky Ann Vreeland has been charged with first-degree murder and neglect after authorities found the remains a little girl in a trash can Tuesday. Officers arrived at the scene after receiving an “unknown call” expressing concern. The Oklahoma City Police Department explained in a press release:

“​​Upon arrival, officers were told there was a deceased child at the residence.”

The child has since been identified as Riley Nolan, Vreeland’s granddaughter.

Authorities added:

“Officers found the body of three-year-old Riley Nolan in a residential trash receptacle at the home. The child had obvious signs of trauma to her body.”

How disturbing… See the full post (below):

On-scene authorities are investigating when exactly the child was placed into the trash can, as Master Sergeant Gary Knight revealed: 

“The child had been dead for a period of time at least. It hadn’t just happened.”

What an unimaginable situation.

The police report also revealed that Becky, who was arrested at the scene, had “recently” become the custodian of Riley. So what exactly happened? If the 60-year-old grandmother was deemed fit to look after the child, then she must have at the very least kept up the appearance that she was responsible…

Upon investigation of the surrounding scene, Marsha Brannum, the next door neighbor, explained her thoughts on the situation:

“I could have been some more assistance for her if she was having trouble. That kind of shocks me. I don’t understand it because she seemed like a very hardworking grandmother, and I could hear her play with the children in the backyard. I wish I had paid more attention.”

What a terrible feeling to experience as the situation was really beyond her control. However, Marsha did mention “children,” implying more than just Riley…

According to court documents, the toddler had two siblings, both of whom claimed the 3-year-old was at one point in bed but wouldn’t wake up. They also added that she had a “purple eye” and bruise on her forehead. Poor little girl, and so sad for her siblings to have to see that.

Becky claimed in an interview with investigators that she had found Riley deceased on Saturday. She also claimed that the young girl had fallen into the trash bin herself… As for why she didn’t report the death? The grandmother blames being “so upset” and feared telling her son, who was due to be released from jail on child neglect charges Saturday, as she wanted him “to have a Father’s Day with his other kids.”

This story is just NOT adding up.

Authorities revealed that Becky used a “whooping stick” made from a bed frame leg on the children AND found blood stains in a utility room, as well as Vreeland’s bathroom. Additionally, the medical examiner working on the case has since found three separate cranial fractures on the child that are “not consistent” with the fall that Becky described.

Local authorities are asking anyone with information to call the Homicide Tip-Line at (405) 297-1200.

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