Noel Gallagher refuses to wear ‘pointless’ face mask: ‘If I get Covid, it’s on me’

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Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has complained that wearing a face mask is a violation of his civil liberties. It comes as the UK Government has made it mandatory by law that people wear a face covering over your nose and mouth while in shops, supermarkets and on public transport – with exemptions for people with medical conditions and children under 11.

The 53-year-old revealed the extreme lengths he has gone to in a bid to avoid wearing a face mask.

The guitarist explained that he and five pals travelled by private plane so they wouldn’t be “marched” around the airport being told what to do.

Noel admitted he doesn’t often fly that way but due to Covid-19 rules he thought “f*** it”.

He said: “There were six of us and we were like, ‘F going to Heathrow and being marched around and being told what to do.

“So we went by private jet and it was very pleasant.”

“It’s not something I do often because they are expensive for what they are but the ballache of having to get on a plane in a mask. I was just like, ‘F*** it’,” Noel continued to The Sun.

The former Oasis bandmate has since vented that if he gets the virus “it’s on me” as he addressed his civil liberties.

Noel explained that he resisted calls to wear a mask on trains and shops in Manchester.

He requested to speak to a shop manager when an employee asked him to wear a protective mask.

“It’s not a law,” he said. “There’s too many f***ing liberties being taken away from us now and I choose not to wear one.”

“If I get the virus it’s on me, it’s not on anyone else… it’s a p***-take. There’s no need for it. They’re pointless.”

He continued on The Matt Morgan podcast: “I was going up to Manchester the other week and some guy’s going, ‘Can you put your mask on,’ on the train, ‘because the transport police will get on and fine you a thousand pounds.


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“But you don’t have to put it on if you’re eating.”

Noel went on: “So I was saying, ‘Oh right, this killer virus that’s sweeping through the train is gonna come and attack me, but see me having a sandwich and go, leave him, he’s having his lunch?”

“Why do you have to wear one when you’re having a f***ing haircut, but you don’t have to wear one in the pub?” he added.

Contrary to Noel’s complaint, by UK law you must wear face coverings on public transport, as well as in shops, hotels and numerous other public places.

Last month, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that repeatedly refusing to wear a face mask could lead to a fine of up to £3,200.

At present those who do not cover their faces can be ordered to pay a penalty of £100 to £50 if they pay within a fortnight.

People caught without a mask for a second time face a fine of £200, with the amount doubling on every repeat offence to a maximum of £3,200.

A few weeks ago, his estranged brother Liam shared his thoughts on the topic, as he tweeted: “Don’t like it but it’s gotta be done, I think it’s a crime to hide this face.” (sic)

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