‘No one has called me that!’ Escape To The Chateaus Angel navigates being a step-mum

This Morning: Dick and Angel Strawbridge discuss their children

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Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge, 43, was taken aback at the thought of being called a step-mum, because she’s never been referred to as that before. The Channel 4 star has two children of her own – Arthur, eight, and seven-year-old Dorothy – with her husband and co-star Dick, 62, who also has two older children, whom he shares with his ex-wife Bridget.

It’s weird, this is sort of odd isn’t it, but obviously they are in my age range

Angel Strawbridge

In a recent interview on Netmums’ Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast, Angel admitted it was “weird” having two step-children, James, 37 and Charlotte, 35, who are around the same age as herself.

But she smiled as she spoke about how close she is to them now.

And despite being married to Dick for the past six years and officially being their step-mum, she confessed they have never used that title on her.

“No one has ever officially called me that!” she laughed.

“It’s weird, this is sort of odd isn’t it, but obviously they are in my age range.

“Me and James we get on really, really well.

“He’s a real foodie, completely fabulous, he’s really handsome,” she gushed.

Family is everything to the couple, and Angel revealed she and Dick try to get their younger children involved in everything they do in and around their enormous home.

“We do enjoy doing things as a family,” she smiled.

“We try and involve the kids in everything we do because weirdly, it makes out lives a lot easier.”

The Strawbridge family have become something of national treasures to fans of Escape to the Chateau, living their lives on-screen as if they would off it.

They moved to France in 2015 to start renovating their 45-bedroom Chateau de la Motte Husson in Pays de la Loire.

But while they settled into their new French life, the craftswoman admitted she felt “really uncomfortable” when the couple began getting invited to swanky dinner parties.

She opened up about “not fitting in” with what she and Dick called the ‘Chateau Set’: “When we first moved here we started getting invited to lots of dinner parties.

“I felt really uncomfortable because it wasn’t really my thing!”

And while she admitted that it sounding lavish and glamorous, she and Dick weren’t fussed about all that.

“I said to Dick one night, ‘Are you having a nice time?’

“And he’s like, ‘No!'”

She burst out laughing before adding: “‘Then why are we doing this? We don’t have to say yes to everyone!’

“We had to sort out baby sitters and by the time I had done my hair and everything, I’m was absolutely shattered!”

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