Nicole Scherzinger’s wild ‘poppers-fuelled’ night out with Thom Evans

Nicole Scherzinger and Sam Smith appeared to share a bottle of poppers in what sounds like a truly wild night out in London’s West End on Thursday.

The famous pair were joined by Nicole’s rumoured boyfriend and X Factor: Celebrity contestant, Thom Evans – while one-time X Factor winner Joe McElderry also took part in the fun night out.

The famous faces were among the crowds dancing and drinking in London at popular nightclub Freedom in Soho – and legal highs were also part of the night, according to an eye witness.

A gentleman named Ben took to Twitter and Instagram to give a wild account of all the fun and merriment taking place – sharing a selfie of himself with Nicole from the night out.

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“Last night was so weird. We were in Freedom and I ended up caught between Nicole Scherzinger and her fit rugby bf and Sam Smith whilst Joe McElldry was watching from afar,” the clubber wrote on Twitter.

“Sam was offering their poppers around,” they continued, before suggesting Pussycat Dolls star Nicole also partook in a quick inhalation, with Ben adding: “I got to sniff the same bottle that Nicole used.”

One friend challenged the clubber, tweeting back: “As if she was doing poppers,” alongside a crying-with-laughter emoji.

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While another questioned the entire evening altogether, with one replying: “You are joking,” prompting the clubber to tweet: “I couldn't believe it either, seeing Joe McElderry in the flesh. A moment.”

A spokesperson for Nicole declined to comment on the accusations.

It seems the famous group partied to at least one of Nicole’s hits, as Ben tweeted: "They just played I don't need a man in the bar whilst  Nicole Scherzinger was there."

Poppers – the popular name for the chemical alkyl nitrate – is known as a 'legal high' which, when inhaled, causes a brief high or rush.

The liquid drug – which is legal to possess – is not completely risk-free as inhalation can affect blood pressure , chemical burns can occur upon contact with skin, and the drug can be fatal if swallowed.

Fans of Nicole, 42, and Thom, 34, will be raising their eyebrows over the fact the pair have been spotted out together again as rumours of a romance continue to swirl.

The pair appeared to hit it off while featuring on the recent ratings disaster known as The X Factor : Celebrity, on which Nicole was a judge and Thom was a contestant.

The duo have yet to comment on the nature of their relationship – but Thom has previously said: “Who wouldn’t want to date Nicole? She’s gorgeous.”

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