Nick Knowles sparks row over armed forces at Kings Coronation

Nick Knowles, 60, fiercely defended the British Armed Forces on social media after an online user questioned who had funded the King’s Guard soldiers taking part in the Coronation ceremony.

The DIY SOS presenter did not hesitate to wade into the row in view of his 174,800 Twitter followers after defending the Monarchy from Republicans calling for its abolition.

Nick lashed out at the “stupidity” from some Twitter users, claiming their words were an “insult” to the Armed Forces, after another social media user cast doubt on their ability to protect civilians.

Responding to Twitter user @KalsElaine, who enquired “who pays for this lot?”, Nick said last night: “Do you mean when they’re risking their lives around the world taking on drug runners, securing borders and acting as peacekeepers between people with guns or going into whatever danger our Govt (Tory or Labour) sends them to – or on rare ceremonial days like this they can enjoy?”

Twitter account @MorganWilliam65 argued: “Rare days like this ? Have they not been practicing for this for months, thank god for their superior trombone playing.

“I for one will sleep at night knowing the Royal Marines will protect me from attack with their brass instruments.” (sic)

Nick hit back: “Good grief – the level of stupidity and insult to our armed forces in this tweet is breathtaking.”

The TV star has been an outspoken defender of the Monarchy, having highlighted earlier this week that had the King not been the Head of State, a politician would have to take on the role.

Taking to the microblogging site yesterday, Nick wrote: “I’m genuinely interested to hear from Republicans calling for Monarchy to end.

“Who do you think should be President? Who would you like to see our armed forces walking alongside at state ceremonies because it will be a recent politician? Blair? Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss, Sunak?”

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@CHLEGR responded: “Why do we need a head of state? Abolish the monarchy and replace it with nothing.”

Nick insisted: “That would make our recent PMs head of state – which one do you think was the best head of state – just say a name – pick one.”

The Coronation ceremony promised to be a celebration of both the old and new, with new compositions by the revered Andrew Lloyd Webber as well as anthems by Handel and Byrd.

The Crown of St Edward to The Archbishop will be placed upon Carles’s head as he sits on the Stone of Destiny, which has been used for centuries in the Coronations of monarchs of Scotland.

The crown is the very same one worn by Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation in 1953. Once it is on the Monarch’s head, there will be exclamations of “God Save the King!” and fanfare.

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