Money Heist’s Jaime Lorente & Maria Pedraza Grab Sweet Treats In These Throwback Photos

Money Heist and Elite stars and off-screen couple Jaime Loren and Maria Pedraza step out for some fun in the sun in Madrid, Spain in these throwback photos from February 2020. Jaime, 28, and Maria, 24, went on a motorcycle ride together and stopped to get a frozen treat during their outing. On the back of her jacket was an embroidered design featuring Beast from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.

If you didn’t know, Jaime is a published author! You can buy his book of poetry called “A propósito de tu boca”, which translates to “About your mouth”. The poems, which he’s written since he was in school, reveals his vision of love and his way of experiencing and living it.

In the book, two very extreme worlds coexist in Jaime’s most intimate thoughts, one very “white” and the other darker. Loosely translated, Jaime dedicated the book “to all my men and all my women, especially two”.

“I think on an artistic level, it’s one of the most emotional things that has ever happened to me. I’ve been writing since I was little and I always had the idea of publishing my poems,” Jaime once told Elle España. “If someone wants to know me sincerely, I think they can read this book, because it is absolutely me.”

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