Molly-Mae slams fellow YouTubers who rip into her clothing range ‘for clicks’

Molly-Mae Hague hit at at her fellow YouTubers who have slagged off her clothing range "for clicks".

The Love Island star recently teamed up with global brand PrettyLittleThing to become an ambassador and put out her own line of clothes.

The impressive deal came just six months after she filmed herself unpacking and trying on a haul from the brand for her own YouTube channel.

But she's been left upset by some of the things other YouTubers have been saying about her online.

The 20-year-old, who found love with boxer Tommy Fury on the show, opened up to Mirror Online as she became an ambassador for hair brand Beauty Works.

Talking about what it was like having her own brand reviewed on YouTube, she told us: "It's hard, I find it hard to watch them, I'm not going to lie because YouTubers go in, it's not nice.

"I'm a YouTuber myself and I've learned now that sometimes you have to think you are reviewing someone's collection, yes, but you're also talking about a person.

"People have gone in on their channels and YouTubers I used to really respect. Everyone's got an opinion. Nothing gets better views than when you put like, 'oh my god this is awful', it'll get views so some people just do it for the views and that's fine, let them."

Beauty Works is the second brand Molly has teamed up with since leaving the villa, and it's something she's passionate about.

Her hair – particularly her bun – became famous while she was living out her summer on TV, and now, she's hoping to help people recreate her signature looks by releasing her very own curl kit.

She said: "So I have used Beauty Works products for a years now, before the summer, I've kind of been working with them for a long time, I adore them and think their products are incredible so it only felt right to make a move like this.

"Everyone kind of went mad for my hair recently and everyone has been asking so many questions and stuff so it felt right."

She added: "October 3, I'm bringing out a limited edition curl kit, I think everyone went wild for how I did my big bouncy curls.

"That video [on my YouTube channel is] a really old one, but that got nearly a million views and I'm really humiliated because I don't do my hair like that now.

"I can't wait to show everyone how I do it now because I do my hair myself most of the time and want to show people it's a lot easier than they'd think to do my looks."

Molly, who is thought to be earning £300,000 from her Beauty Works collab, insists the brands she chooses to work with aren't influenced by money.

She told us: "I have only worked with two companies since coming out the villa, it's something so important to me, I never wanted to cash in and just work with the brands offering me the most.

"I've been offered loads more to work with others but I wanted to work with brands I actually love and actually believe in, I don't want to show people things like a teeth whitening kit just because I'm getting good money for it, it's not the way I worked before and it's not the way I'd move now."

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