Molly-Mae Hague gives fans a tour of her and Tommy Fury’s stylish Manchester love nest

Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague has given her fans a mini tour of the stylish Manchester apartment she shares with her boxer boyfriend, Tommy Fury.

The 20 year old influencer showed her 3.4million followers more of the couple’s cosy home as new furniture for their love nest was delivered.

Before the mini virtual tour, Molly-Mae declared she “had an extremely productive day today” in a Boomerang video which showed Tommy placing a water bottle on the couple’s new marble-topped coffee table.

Molly-Mae then took fans to a formerly unseen area of the flat – her wardrobe. Molly-Mae, who Tommy claims is very untidy, proudly showed off her newly-organised walk-in wardrobe, which consisted of several sections for hanging clothes, an area to show off her impressive shoe collection and a drawer to display glam accessories.

The clothing storage is so spacious that Molly-Mae boasted she had “left an area to style her outfits in”.

Taking her followers back to the couple’s open-plan living area, the Love Island star excitedly showed fans her new coffee table, along with her silver crushed velvet sofa which has “just arrived”.

In the clip, the reality star added she “loved” her lamp and then gave a glimpse of her purchase, which looked similar to a theatre light.

Moving the mini tour along, Molly-Mae shared a video of her new filming area, which contained a desk, comfy chair and had shelves either side decorated with ornaments, a Jo Malone candle and reed diffuser.

Molly-Mae then told her fans they would have “died” if they saw the state of the second bedroom, as she shared a video of the room which showed Tommy chucking clothes onto a large pile in the middle of the empty grey-carpeted room.

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This is the first real insight fans have had into Molly-Mae and boxer Tommy’s home since they moved in together in August.

They had previously given fans a tiny glimpse of their home, firstly showing off the huge glass staircase when they first moved in and later shared an image of the sauna.

The tour comes after the couple said they “don’t argue” and “constantly laugh” when they’re together.

In a YouTube video where the smitten pair answered fan’s questions about their romance, Molly-Mae said: “Honestly, this isn’t even a lie, we’ve not had one argument”.

And boxer Tommy adds: “Literally not even one, that’s why I said: ‘Can we even pick one?’”

Then Molly-Mae says: “This is the weirdest thing, because I am – I wouldn’t say I’m an argumentative person but I can be quite grouchy sometimes or hormonal, or when I’m hungry I can be really aggy.

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“But, we just don’t argue, do we? It’s not really like that with us. We don’t even bicker…”

Tommy then adds: “I have you in tears every single day.” To which Molly-Mae explains: “Yeah, we just constantly laugh, like I’m not even saying this like: ‘Oh we’re the perfect couple,’ because we’re not but we just don’t argue.”

In the same clip, the couple also discussed their plans for the future and Tommy joked the pair want to have eight children.

Molly told her viewers: “We both definitely want children, but obviously we're both only 20 years old.”

“We've been trying to make children most nights,” Tommy then jokes. He then adds: “Yes we have, we've been snoodling in the bedroom, I want twins by the time I'm 22, simple as that.

“Molly wants six kids, I want eight,” Tommy joked, testing Molly-Mae’s reaction, who remained unfazed.

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