Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar: Its Really Over!

The writing hasn’t just been on the wall. It’s also been on Ximena’s wrist. Or expunged from it, sort of.

It has been less than one year since Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar became engaged.

Very recently, the two had a falling out that no amount of damage control could hide from their followers.

Now, the cat is out of the bag. It’s over.

In Touch Weekly reports that an inside source has confirmed what we already suspected.

Yes, their insider reveals, Mike and Ximena are really over.

The source also furnished the detail that this is less than one year since their engagement.

It’s unclear what ultimately broke the two of them up, but one can guess.

Viewers have already seen dramatic shifts in Ximena’s attitude towards him over the course of just a few episodes.

Additionally, some of what has gone down on Instagram has led to speculation that she may have cheated.

34-year-old New York native Mike Berk was overjoyed to fly down to Colombia to see his 24-year-old girlfriend, Ximena Cuellar (also known as Ximena Morales).

They had a sweet in-person meeting at the airport. He met her family. He made out with her.

It was all about getting to know her.

When Mike left Colombia, he was an engaged man.

Ximena had come clean about things to him. He, in turn, promised to practice better habits and hygiene.

Back home in upstate New York, Mike consulted a lawyer to get the ball rolling on bringing Ximena to live with him.

But after a while, there was a change in tone from Ximena’s side of things.

Mike noticed that his fiancee had grown distant, even as their wedding date loomed on the horizon.

He was going to Colombia anyway to prepare for the nuptials, but he also needed to check in with her to see what was up.

Ximena explained to the camera that, despite her love with Mike during his first visit, she had grown to feel that he was too “clingy.”

This time, she did not meet Mike at the airport when he arrived.

And it turned out that she was sort of resentful of Mike … because of her boobs.

Ximena wanted a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, and Mike had not paid for it.

She had gone so far as to take out money from a loan shark to pay for the cosmetic procedures, but then had to cancel because Mike was in town.

Ximena’s unhappiness was not exactly subtle. Mike was feeling that ice cold shoulder from the moment that he arrived.

Ximena went out clubbing on the night of Mike’s arrival. Despite his long flight, he went with her.

But Mike went home at midnight. Ximena, being 24 and a little wild, stayed out until 9 in the morning.

Not only was this a weird way to greet her fiance, but she went so far as to openly complain about him “interrogating” her.

We all know what is coming: Ximena is going to break Mike’s heart.

At some point this season, she tells him that she doesn’t love him, and Mike channels his inner Paul Staehle, running off into the night.

While that looks final … it’s not even close to the end of their story.

Last year, one of Ximena’s seemingly endless TikTok posts showcased what appeared to be an engagement — or perhaps a renewed engagement.

This is speculation, but based upon the evidence, it appears that they may have left things in a bad state, but reconciled over long distance.

Whether that was before or after the season stopped filming is anyone’s guess.

Another tidbit is that it looks like Ximena did get the surgeries that she wanted, likely late in the spring of 2021.

We don’t know if Mike paid for them — in a recent video, she insisted that he did not.

That is not the only telltale change to her body that Ximena has put on display.

The thing is that something clearly happened, and recently, to end their relationship.

Just weeks ago, reports said that Mike was filming in Colombia, and Ximena’s family was even hanging around him.

Either they were filming for a new season, or — unlikely but possible — some speculated that they might be filming for the Tell All together.

Just this week, Ximena made sure that all of her Instagram followers got an eyeful of her new tattoo.

The colorful ink covers her right wrist and part of her forearm.

But back in late 2020, Ximena was showing off a very different design in that spot.

Ximena Cuellar with "Mike" tattoo

It’s not nearly as elaborate and it frankly looks closer to “Nike,” but this was a tribute to Mike.

Ximena’s new tattoo completely covers and obscures this one, effectively purging it from her skin.

What’s more is that her decision to post her new tattoo is a clear sign that she wants everyone to know, NDA or no NDA.

And earlier this month, Ximena posted and deleted an over-the-top video of a man who was decidedly not Mike.

The video included a cascade of heart emojis and the same Spanish love song that she played on a similar video about Mike. Points for recycling?

No one seems to know who this mystery man is, but it looked like Ximena accidentally revealed either her new man … or, worse, a secret man.

Ximena Cuellar IG via John Yates - "false video"

Interestingly, Ximena made multiple, at times contradictory claims about the video.

She insisted that it was a “false video” at one point.

Another time, she simply claimed that it was old — though one of the pics of the guy was dated to February 8.

Obviously, no matter how quickly she deleted the original video or her denials, everyone noticed.

“Everyone” includes Mike, who unfollowed Ximena.

In fact, he even may have blocked her, given that her more recent posts that “tag” him include his Instagram handle but do not link to him.

Mike stirred the pot a little, though he didn’t shed any light on the matter.

He couldn’t break his NDA, but he could post a deeply cursed Minions meme making sure that everyone knew that he’d seen all of this.

The question remains: did Mike know about this other guy before Ximena posted the video? And exactly how recently did they split?

But Mike and Ximena can’t tell us that without getting into trouble with the show.

We’re sure that production gave them (well, mostly Ximena) an earful, which is why they’ve both been posting throwback photos without commentary.

It’s performative and pointless (since we all know that they’re over), but hey, whatever keeps them out of trouble.

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