Michelle Keegan urges fans to check for signs of breast cancer as she supports new campaign

Michelle Keegan has urged her fans to check themselves for signs of breast cancer as she supports a new campaign for awareness around the disease.

The 32 year old took to her Instagram page to make the plea with her four million followers as she appeared in a boomerang to inform her fans of the campaign, titled BooBee.

Holding a branded t-shirt in front of her body, former Coronation Street star Michelle wrote: "This october manchester aims to become the most breast cancer aware city in the uk. [sic]

"Don't forget to check your 'BooBees' Early detection saves life," she reminded her millions of followers.

Encouraging her fans to join the discussion surrounding the initiative, Michelle shared the hashtags #manchesterpinkbee, #breastfestmanchester and #preventbreastcancer alongside the upload.

Finally, she adorned the short clip with the international symbol for breast cancer awareness — a pink bow — and a gif that showed the words "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" alongside pink paws.

Michelle recently revealed she has "no plans" to welcome a baby with former The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright as she opened up on motherhood in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show.

When asked about having children, the Brassic star said: "Not yet. Everyone always asks that question. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting any younger.

"My mum is on it as well. No plans yet, but we definitely do want children in the future."

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She previously told The Sun of the matter: "It’s horrible. It’s like, 'You’re 32. Are you not planning to have a baby yet?' People don’t know if we’re trying.

"They don’t know the background of what’s happening. It’s no one else’s business. In this day and age you shouldn’t ask questions like that.

"I get so frustrated. I’m asked purely because I’m a woman. But I'm immune to it now — it’s like a reaction and as soon as I hear it I brush it off, as it’s no one else’s ­business."

Michelle also opened up on her long distance marriage to Mark, which sometimes forced them to spend months apart at a time as she filmed Our Girl in Malaysia while Mark hosted Extra in America during her chat with Jonathan.

She said: "He got the job in LA while I was in Malaysia [filming Our Girl]. We were apart for about 4 months.

"It was really tough. People said how did you deal with it and stuff. Thank god for FaceTime and things like that. You’re on a countdown the whole time to just get home. I had six months off when I went home, so I went to America."

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She added of reuniting and whether you begin to get on each other’s nerves: "Yeah, you get so used to living on your own and doing your own thing.

"Little things… you like your house a certain way and he’d come in and he’d leave his underpants on the floor.

"I’m not a cleaner, I’m not going to move them, they’ll be there for five days and I don’t care, I’m not moving them."

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