Louise Minchin faces reality check amid struggles after surgery

Louise Minchin says she doesn’t miss the BBC Breakfast hours

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Louise Minchin is a keen triathlete and doesn’t often shy away from sporting events. The former BBC Breakfast presenter said she has not suffered any new injuries while training for this year’s London Marathon which takes place in April.

The 54-year-old injured herself during training for the “epic extreme triathlon Norseman” in the summer of 2019 which left her “immobile”.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Louise shared a video as she gave her followers an update.

“A bit of a reality check,” the broadcaster stated. “Eight weeks to go before the London Marathon.”

Louise went on: “What do I know so far?

“Training for a marathon is really hard. I’m not ready but on the upside, I’m not injured. I go through ups and downs of thinking I can do it and then I really can’t.”

She added: “This week’s been a hard week because since that half-marathon I lost my running mojo.

“I think the main thing was I did the same half-marathon that I did four years ago when I was super, super fit and I hadn’t had an ankle operation and a knee operation.

“So I compared my time from now until then and it was really rubbish. But there’s no point in comparing yourself from one, anybody else and number two, even yourself.”

Louise finished: “Because circumstances are really different now. If I get around it will be great. It’s not going to be fast but hopefully, I’ll make it.”

In a follow-up post, the mum-of-two shared she would be completing the race alongside one of her daughters.

She commented: “Final thought. I am running for charity. That is going to motivate me.

“I’m also running with my daughter which is really exciting.”

Louise continued: “I’m not sure we’ll stick together because she’s much faster than me. She’s also running for a charity.”

The former Breakfast presenter then shared a link to the charities as she encouraged people to support the pair’s chosen causes.

It comes two years after Louise said her foot injury has taken a lot longer to heal than she thought in 2021.

She broke a bone in her foot and snapped an ankle ligament, and underwent an operation to reconstruct her ligament, which then left her on crutches.

Speaking at the time, the mum-of-two said she knew she would have to go back to basics and learn to run again after resting her foot in order to let it heal.

“I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since I did my last marathon and since then I’ve had a foot operation,” she informed fans via Instagram at the time.

“And to be honest with you it’s taken me way longer than I’d hoped to get back to running any kind of distance.”

The London Marathon takes place Sunday, April 23.

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