Lizzo Calls Out Taken Men Trying to Flirt With Her in Booty-Baring Picture

The ‘Truth Hurts’ hitmaker warns those with ‘side b***h’ who are trying to woo her with ‘poems, letters, or paintings’ that they do not have the slightest chance with her.

AceShowbizLizzo isn’t leaving the door open to those who are shooting their shot with her while still in a relationship with another woman. The 31-year-old rapper has posted a stern warning to that kind of men with an NSFW picture on her Instagram account.

On Wednesday, November 6, the “Juice” hitmaker shared a photo of her baring her booty, which was clad in a barely-there white thong, while she donned a T-shirt that read “Wish You Were Here”. She wrote in the caption, “Please do not send me poems, letters, or paintings if ur side b***h is still playing dress up in ur home. I’m doing great. Leave me alone, thanks.”

Her fans and followers have since taken to the comment section to weigh in on her positive message. “I bet he somewhere punching the air right now!” one wrote. “A whole baddie,” another added, while someone else praised her confidence as asking, “Can I please borrow your self-confidence.”

It’s not clear whom the savage Instagram post was directed at, but Lizzo has previously revealed that her breakup two years ago inspired her hit “Truth Hurts”. The Detroit-born star told Billboard that her then-boyfriend left a voicemail on her phone telling her not to call him anymore because he got back with an ex-girlfriend.

Lizzo blocked her ex on everything and went into the studio. Still feeling upset, she shared everything with Ricky Reed, who would produce the track. The “Good as Hell” raptress said Ricky took note and “he shows me what he’s scribbling and it’s everything I’ve been saying and he said, ‘I hope you know you just wrote a song.’ “

As for single men out there, Lizzo recently gave a little tease of what’s in store if they end up with her. A few days ahead of Halloween, she posted a picture of her lying naked in a bathtub with just colorful chocolate candies and her long hair covering her modesty. “TASTE THE RAINBOW B***H,” she captioned it, adding, “if you ever wondered what my coochie taste like…..”

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