Liz Hurley, 54, gets fans fired up by squeezing into smoking hot striped bikini

The Brit beauty relocated to Hollywood a number of years ago, in a bid to get more acting gigs across the pond. 

If there’s anything LA has that the UK doesn’t, its buckets of sunshine – and Liz Hurley is making full use of that Vitamin D. 

The 54-year-old kicked back on a sun lounger over the weekend to top up her tan. 

Showing off her cracking figure, she struck a pose in one of her own designs, from her label, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. 

Leaning back and tilting her face up towards the light, she modelled a barely-there bikini featuring nautical stripes and gold chain straps. 

Complete with golden highlights throughout, her hair was worn down in effortlessly casual waves. 

Adding a tinted pair of shades and a lick of lipgloss, the golden goddess look was complete. 

Taking to the comment section, her 1.2million followers were truly floored, and begged her to dish up her secret to “eternal youth”. 

One asked: “Be honest please, is it genetics or do you just take care of yourself? What the f*** woman!”

A second agreed: “Defying time…”

And a third remarked: “The most beautiful woman in the world!”

If you want in on her ravishing good looks, apparently she has a few tricks up her sleeve to staying fresh-faced for longer. 

Firstly, she knocks back two mugs of warm water in the morning to get a head start on the day. 

The Bedazzled star also wolfs down a veggie-friendly diet each day, and occasionally visits “health spas” for a detox. 

Finally, her workout routine includes daily squats, 30 minute long walks with her dogs, and pilates sessions. 

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