LisaRaye McCoy, Nicole Murphy Wrecked My Marriage, Nicole Denies It

Nicole Murphy trying to steal away married men from their wives is nothing new — so says LisaRaye McCoy, who claims to have personal experience with her … but NM’s calling BS, denying all of it.

We got the ‘Players Club’ actress Wednesday in L.A. — shortly after Nicole issued her apology to Lela Rochon after being photographed kissing her hubby, Antoine Fuqua — and she didn’t hold back one bit — she claims her then-husband and Nicole were hooking up.

LRM was married to Turks and Caicos politician Michael Misick from 2006 to 2008, during which rumors of alleged infidelity between Nicole and Michael surfaced. Well, LisaRaye says they were more than rumors … she says they were FACTS.

A source directly connected to Nicole tells us, Nicole denies LisaRaye’s allegation. According to the source, Nicole says, “It’s not true. She’s [LisaRaye’s] been saying that for years. There’s no truth to that.”

LisaRaye is also outraged at Nicole for the Antoine Fuqua situation, calling BS on Nicole’s initial comment that it was just a family-type kiss and then pivoting, saying she was sorry and didn’t know he was still married. LisaRaye says Nicole full well knew Antoine was married, and it was a gross betrayal of trust.

And then there’s the subject of homewrecker … LisaRaye doesn’t quite go there, but her accusations are mighty close.

LisaRaye commented on an article about Nicole and Antoine, saying … “Gurl @nikimurphy you went after @iamlelarochon husband too?…smh So wrong….again!!!”

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