Lily Allen considered taking heroin after realising drinking problem

Lily Allen has admitted that she once considered taking heroin, after realising she had a drinking problem, and that was the moment she knew she had to seek help.

The Smile hit-maker, 35, has never been shy about openly discussing her struggles with addiction and was recently heard discussing the time she had turned to drugs while joining Miley Cyrus on tour.

Lily had supported Miley on the star’s Bangerz tour in 2014 – six months after welcoming her youngest daughter and she admits the she ‘did not feel like a pop star at all’ after taking a break from music and putting on weight.

Wanting to slim down before hitting the road, Lily said she started taking speed to help her lose weight and soon found herself addicted because it made her ‘feel invincible’.

Touring with Miley was her first supporting stint and Lily admits she found it difficult – especially as it was a ‘highly sexualised’ tour and she’d spent the years leading up to it becoming a mum of two.

‘It couldn’t have been less what I felt like, I had never supported anyone… I was supporting this girl who was much younger and more attractive than I felt. I just started acting out in all manner of ways, I was cheating on my husband,’ Lily recalls.

Opening up while chatting with Fat Tony on The Recovery podcast, Lily said: ‘I always drank alcohol to take the edge off a lot of the drugs and then I realised that I was getting up in the morning and going straight to the mini bar and downing those mini vodka bottles – or whisky, whatever was left, and without the drugs anymore.’

Admitting it was at that point that she considered taking heroin, Lily explained: ‘I was like, “Oh, well I think I’ve got a drinking problem,” and I remember being in LA and thinking none of this acting out is working anymore, maybe I should try heroin?’

Lily said that was a tipping point for her and it prompted her to seek help for her addiction and look into recovery options.

‘I had been in a scene where I had seen what happens to people who use heroin, when that thought popped into my head it was time to, you know, confront my demons,’ she said.

‘That was about five years ago. And I started recovery.’

Lily is now sober and celebrated one year of ‘complete sobriety’ in July, telling fans she is grateful for her ‘health and happiness’.

The singer is now married to husband David Harbour, who she wed in Las Vegas in September while joined by her two daughters Ethel, nine, and Marnie, eight.

She shares her two girls with ex-husband Sam Cooper. They were together for six years, but split in 2015, with Lily writing about the breakdown of her marriage in her memoir My Thoughts Exactly.

Her divorce from Cooper was finalised in 2018 and they now share custody of their kids.

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