Lily Allen 'chose sex over heroin' after hiring female escorts on tour

Lily Allen has revealed she ‘chose sex over heroin’, saying that sex can still be an addiction used to cover pain.

The 34-year-old has been open in the past about her mental health and sex life, admitting that she hired female escorts while lonely on tour.

And in a new interview, the Sheezus singer said that she became addicted to sex instead of taking heroin.

Speaking to The Guardian, Lily said: ‘Sex can still be an addiction. I chose sex over heroin. I didn’t realise at the time.

‘Addiction can manifest itself in all manners of ways. You use substances or sex to put a plaster over something else, like pain or fear. There are all manner of destructive things you can get up to.’

In the chat, Lily also explained that she shared those knickerless up-skirt stage pictures to social media to ‘take ownership of them’, saying: ‘I’m not embarrassed about having a vagina. They were taken with the sole purpose of trying to embarrass and shame me and I didn’t like it.’

And she reflected on her hard partying at the height of her career in the noughties, calling the music industry a ‘hedonistic place’.

The star said: ‘I’m surprised I’m not dead… It was all about having fun and getting f***ed up. People who indulge don’t generally come out the other side. Having children triggered responsibilities.’

Lily, who has daughters Ethel and Marnie with ex-husband Sam Cooper, previously talked about using sex to make herself feel better in her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly.

She said: ‘I slept with female escorts when I was on tour, cause I was lost and lonely and looking for something. I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed.’

The LDN singer later told The Guardian: ‘She was expensive. High-class hookers are. I didn’t care. I just wanted her to help me feel something’, adding that the ‘whole other realm of f***ed-upness I can get into’ was a cry for help.

‘I was at my lowest ebb. I was pretty brazen with all my behaviour. I think I just didn’t care.

‘Actually, maybe I did want to get caught, maybe I wanted Sam to rescue me. I wanted him to find out about these things and say, “Enough is enough, you’re coming home”.’

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