Lil Uzi Vert Clarifies Disturbing Tweets After Sparking Concerns

While the ‘XO Tour Llif3’ hitmaker says his now-deleted tweet which read, ‘I’m ready to die,’ is the title of his unreleased song, he admits to naming it after his ’emotions.’

AceShowbizLil Uzi Vert is getting honest about his feelings and it seems that he isn’t doing really well these days. The rapper has sparked concerns among his fans after posting a tweet that mentioned about his apparent death wish.

“I’m ready to die,” he posted on his Twitter page on Wednesday, May 27. He didn’t stop there as he followed it up with another equally disturbing tweet that read, “So I’m gettin literally broke down into pieces.”

While the first tweet has been quickly deleted, that didn’t stop his fans from getting worried about Uzi. “Someone check on him,” one concerned fan commented on his tweet. Another pleaded, “Uzi, that last tweet man, one you just deleted, plz dont do that.”

“Don’t ever say you wanna die ever again bro,” a third person echoed the sentiment. A fourth commenter similarly raised issue about the same tweet, “Man why would you say that ? bout ‘I’m ready to die’ man whaaat ?”

“U ok?” another asked. Some others, meanwhile, sent words of encouragement to the Philadelphia-born rapper, writing the likes of “Love you uzi head up,” “Dam it’ll be okay uzi” and “Keep ur head up kid.”

Uzi later clarified that his previous two tweets were actually the titles of his new songs which are yet to be released. “Song titles I’m back on my f**k it s**t,” he updated his Twitter account. He admitted though that the song titles were based on his “emotions,” adding in another post, “And honestly I just been working to hard that I felt like that so I named 2 songs after my emotions.”

Lil Uzi Vert clarified his disturbing tweets that sparked concerns.

It’s unclear what has brought Uzi down, but he has been dating JT of City Girls and it appears that they are going strong, though they were recently involved in a back-and-forth with JT’s group mate Yung Miami over his comments on Yung Miami.

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