Lil Nas X Leads Raid On Area 51 In Video For ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

Country rapper Lil Nas X has released a meme-filled music video for a remix of his chart-topping single with Billy Ray Cyrus, Old Town Road, featuring Young Thug and “yodeling kid” Mason Ramsey.

Directed by Somehoodlum, the animated video is set in the highly classified U.S Air Force Facility in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, to which the singers travel on horse (and snake) back and invade, riding across a barricade of soldiers, who appear to have wet their pants in anticipation of their arrival.

Area 51, long believed to house extraterrestrial beings on which the U.S government is conducting research, was recently brought into the limelight when a Facebook event invited U.S citizens to storm the facility to “see them aliens.”

Dubbed “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” the event has already garnered north of 1.9 million RSVPs.

Clearly a reference to the post, the music video is a minefield of memes and culminates with the quartet succeeding in breaking into the facility and safely escaping with alien gear that they obtained from several green-faced, fully-clothed aliens.

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