Lil Baby Says He’s Not in Love With Girlfriend Jayda, She Responds

The ‘Harder Than Ever’ rapper doesn’t seem to take his relationship seriously, and his girlfriend Jayda Ayanna who’s also the mother of his youngest son weighs in on his comments.

AceShowbizLil Baby might be in a relationship with Jayda Ayanna or Jayda Cheaves, but he made it clear that he’s not in love with her. When asked about his love life, the 25-year-old rapper said he liked his bachelor life very much and was not ready to be tied down with any woman.

The clip was forwarded to his girlfriend Jayda, and she didn’t seem to be surprised at his remarks. “Explain what? Y’all heard the man clear,” she commented on Twitter. “Lol i don’t even get the explanation but i guess it works [shrug]. Thru all the bs I still maintain.”

The mother of one insisted she’s not upset, “How am i going out sad over somebody else actions?” She also wrote, “Stop with the negativity [smiling face] life’s good.”

Lil Baby’s comments about his relationship might explain why he didn’t take Jayda to the Grammy Awards with him despite her already flying all the way to the Staples Center for him. It’s unclear what happened but he ended up attending the event solo and she getting upset and flying back home alone.

She then deleted his pictures from her Instagram, prompting breakup rumors. She also hinted at her frustrations on Twitter, “I hate when I’m put in situations where I got to act out of character. It’s rare I snap or get mad but when I do know I’m bound to do or say ANYTHING.”

While she reacted strongly to the Grammy snub, she’s more lenient when it came to his infidelities. “I’m not saying any of it is okay or cool but we are young as hell & not married I don’t expect no n***a not to cheat,” she once said. “All these n***as cheat bruh! ALL OF THEM.”

Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves welcomed a baby boy in February 2019. It’s his second child. They recently reunited at the boy’s Lego-themed birthday. He also has another son from a previous relationship.

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