'KUWTK': Amidst Kimye Divorce, Many Fans Think Kim Kardashian Seeming Happy Is Just Another Lie

After years of breakup rumors, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially calling it quits. Many people have wondered ever since they got married if they would stay together. Fans watched for clues about their relationship on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and kept an eye on their social media posts. But even when things seemed rough between them, the couple insisted they were doing just fine. 

Now that it’s become clear that things weren’t perfect, some people wonder if Kardashian is being honest with them even now. She says she’s much happier since the marriage ended, but is that another lie?

News of their divorce

People reports that Kardashian filed for divorce in February, after almost seven years of marriage. In return, West asked for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s four children. 

Anyone who has gone through a divorce knows that it can get ugly — especially if there are kids involved. But Kardashian and West are reportedly working to keep the process peaceful and to put their children’s best interests first. 

Perhaps they’re following the advice of Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, who has parented through two divorces herself. 

“I think the most important thing I learned through my experience, both of my experiences, is that the kids come first,” she explained. 

Whatever the reason, sources report that the process is going smoothly. And Kardashian appears to be coping remarkably well. 

Kim Kardashian reportedly ‘feels free’

According to In Style, the changes in her life have been good for Kardashian. 

“Kim is having a lot of fun right now. She feels free and is a lot happier,” a source close to the family said. “It’s a new era for Kim. She has been loving going out with friends, meeting new people and really being out and about again.”

The source even claimed that Kardashian is interested in dating again and that she’s feeling “a lot lighter.”

Going by her social media posts, it does seem that she’s living the good life. She’s posted lots of happy-looking pictures from vacations and nights out on the town. There are also plenty of family shots of her with her four gorgeous kids. 

But not everyone believes that Kardashian is as happy as she seems. They suspect she’s just putting on another show. 

Some people think she’s ‘not in a good place’

In a discussion on Reddit, viewers said that they simply didn’t believe the image Kardashian is putting out. 

“I think she is genuinely not in a good place right now and I think the people who see her as genuinely happy right now are falling for her tactics,” one person said. “I think her recent “paparazzi” shots, club appearances, happy single mom posts look incredibly staged, and insincere. I think Kanye is the one who wanted the divorce and I think she’s in a very different place than her social media is showing.”

“I think she is much smarter and calculating than she lets on,” another agreed. “I love Kim and admire many of her traits but I feel every move is calculated to get more famous or to get ahead or to get in good graces.”

One commenter cast doubt on the reports of an amicable divorce, saying, “I don’t believe those articles they keep putting out about how their relationship is still positive and they’re getting along for the kids etc etc etc. She hates his guts.”

As far as one person was concerned, they thought the entire relationship was a lie.

“I don’t think Kim was ever in love with Kanye. I think she was in love with Kanye the personality and mega-celebrity, but not him as a person,” they insisted. “I believe that she held on as long as she did because she was getting older with one teen marriage that was annulled, a second failed publicity stunt marriage with Humphries, and she didn’t want to be a thrice-divorced 40 year old raising 4 children. However Kanye’s bipolar disorder became too much of a public embarrassment for her and her brand and he probably wanted to end it anyway so she had no choice.”

It’s impossible to know what’s actually happening from the outside. But it does seem unlikely that this family that has been known to have unhealthy conflict at times, is handling divorce with perfect grace. Hopefully, for the sake of the kids, the reality is close to the image they’re presenting.

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