Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo of a bathroom with plates of food on the floor


There was recent outrage over something a Kardashian posted so… it must be a day ending in Y. This one comes to us courtesy of Kourtney K, who posted a photo dump on Instagram. The Kollection of pix seemed random, although there was a dedication to bathroom shots. And that’s’ were the furor came in. The third pic was this:

[From Instagram via Buzzfeed]

People are outraged by the plates of food on the floor and especially the chicken sandwich on the toilet. Many a vomit emoji was smashed in the comment section of Kourtney’s post. People called her or the photo nasty, gross, disgusting and even suggested she was *gasp* not classy. I’m positive many of you will have several of the same sentiments. I’ll admit, I’m not as bothered by the pic as everyone else. Given what we know about Kourt and husband Travis Barker, I think we can guess what she’s trying to show us here. The bulk of the food is desserts and there’s a bucket of champagne. The water is colored from either oils or a bath bomb and bubbles. This was a sex bath. The food was a pawn in the whole thing and seeing how little was eaten, it worked. As for the sandwich on the toilet. I can tell you the logistics of reaching down to grab food with a wet arm/hand, it would have soaked the sandwich. I generally don’t put my coffee cup on the floor because the bathwater trickles into when I reach for it. So my guess is, that plate sat on that one corner until they were done and put on toilet when they got out.

I assume this photo is part of their sponsorship deal with Daring Foods vegan chicken. I’m going with this, because there are so many things inconsistent with a Kardashian shot. First of all, that’s not Kourt’s tub. Maybe it’s one of the kids tubs, but the champagne suggests it’s not. Secondly, as I mentioned before, none of the food, save for the chicken burger, has been touched. Even the champagne glass in the corner is clean. Lastly, with the general disarray, there would be wet food somewhere. So someone fancies themselves an art director and thought this was a great way to promote vegan chicken. Because it makes sex baths hotter until you forget the food and jump out of the tub to ravage each other. Anyone who has had this sex bath knows that that tub would be the reason you abandoned your sex bath, not because your macrons paired so beautifully with your raspberry dessert taco. It’s a lovely soaking tub, but not a sex tub. So I’m fine with folks taking Kourtney to task on this pic because I don’t find it aesthetically appealing. And it’s a logistical nightmare. But was I young enough that I thought bringing food to a sex bath was clever? Yeah. And those plates had to go somewhere. We didn’t eat off them again (nor did we need that much food) but I won’t say I never needed to dump a plate on a bathmat in a hurry.




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