Korns Vocalist Jonathan Davis Prays for Bassist Who Falls Back on Bad Habits

The rock singer is worried about his bandmate Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu after the latter took a break from the band to embark on a healing journey due to personal issues.

AceShowbizKorn frontman Jonathan Davis is praying the band’s longtime bassist, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, can “figure out” his personal issues that have kept him away from the group this year and return to the stage.

The rocker announced in June (21) he would not be part of the band’s tour, choosing instead to “heal” after “falling back” on “bad habits.”

Suicidal Tendencies star Roberto Diaz replaced Fieldy on the road and the band was thrilled to have him up onstage with them, but David wants his old pal back, telling Kerrang! he is worried about the bass player.

“I love him; he’s my brother, but I watched somebody I care about die and I’m not going to f**king do that again,” the singer tells the outlet. “I refuse to. I will feel guilt for the rest of my f**king life because of that. I tried my hardest but perhaps if I’d been a little bit tougher there’d have been a different outcome.”

“I pray that he (Fieldy) can figure it out and get better and come back and be a huge part of this band again.”

Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is a little bit more optimistic, telling Kerrang!, “The best thing to do is stay at home, be with your family, and start processing. He’s got to find that healing.”

“I still struggle with it. I had a few slip-ups with my bad habits three to four years ago, so I understand it, but I dealt with it by hitting it head-on and stopping it from becoming a problem. I’m not concerned because I know he’s going to be OK.”

Meanwhile, fellow Korn bandmate James “Munky” Shaffer told “Loudwire Nights” host Toni Gonzalez last week Fieldy is “taking some time to kinda figure out what makes him happy and figure out his happiness and what he wants to do with his life.”

He added, “If your mental health isn’t good, or you’re not clear, you’re gonna make bad choices… I had my own challenges through the years, and once you get clarity, your life becomes a lot easier to manage. We’re just giving him time to… just figure out what you want to do because we can still work and we can still go out and tour. But we miss him. We love the guy, and we want him to just be healthy.”

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