Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch: Engaged!

It’s been almost a year since Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch broke up, but their split didn’t last.

In fact, getting back together only brought them closer. Now, they’re making things official.

Kevin and Astrid are now engaged!

35-year-old Bachelor in Paradise alum Kevin Wendt shows that finding love in Paradise really is possible, announcing the news on Instagram.

“You’ll never walk alone again,” Kevin’s sweet caption begins.

“From here on out, we run together,” he affirms.

Kevin writes: “Astrid you are my family, babe.”

“Forever,” he concludes, revealing that he and Astrid are now engaged.

“08.28.19,” Astrid’s own announcement begins, marking the date of the proposal.

“I could have sworn the world stood still in this moment,” Astrid recalls.

She writes: “A moment I’ll never forget.”

“Just you + me. @kevin.c.wendt you’ve taught me to love, learn, and grow,” Astrid gushs.

“And,” she admits. “I can’t believe you’ve chosen me to spend this crazy life with.”

“Wonder if I’ll ever stop smiling? Probably not,” Astrid concludes. “In this together, forever.”

Kevin and Astrid tell People that Kevin poppsed the question on a sunset picnic in Toronto, where htey live together.

“I actually forgot what I said. I just remember, it was a no-brainer to marry her,” the hunky firefighter admits.

“I see her more as my family than any kind of girlfriend,” Kevin continues. “And I just knew I couldn’t ever let her go.”

He reveals: “I quickly told her to move her bike because the ring box was so big and it was in my little backpack … that I didn’t know how to get it out of there.”

“And so I told her to move her bike, and she kind of looked me like I’m an idiot. Like, why don’t you move it?” Kevin narrates.

“And as soon as she turned her back,” he details. “I grabbed it and crammed it in my back pocket.”

“And I don’t know if you know,” Kevin adds. “But skinny jeans are not easy to cram things into.”

“I was so clueless,” Astrid confesses about Kevin’s plan to pop the question.  “And you never get a surprise really by me, ever.”

“I feel like I pay attention to everything,” she shares. “And I had absolutely no clue.”

Notably, Kevin avoided spoiling the surprise and had to take the risk of shopping for the ring alone.

“I’ve always told him I don’t like when there’s too much crazy stuff going on in the ring,” Astrid recalls. “We’re very simple people.”

“We were both in jeans and a T-shirt and a tank top [when we got engaged], which is just how we are every single day, which is so us,” she adds.

“Rather than some crazy, fancy thing. So the ring definitely reflects both of our personalities,” Astrid says. “And he got a cute little inside joke engraved in it.”

Just because the ring was simple and over-the-top doesn’t mean that Kevin didn’t spend a great deal on it.

In fact, he admits that he probably overdid it.

But clearly Astrid loves it and she loves him.

Will these two will make it all the way to their wedding — beating the franchise’s staggering odds of breakups?

Kevin and Astrid say that they’ve basically forgotten that they fell in love on camera. Maybe there’s real hope for them.

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