Kerry Katona speaks out on painful life-changing health diagnosis

Kerry Katona reveals she’s been diagnosed with arthritis

“I get these shooting pains in my legs like I’m getting an electric shock. And my god it really really hurts.”

She almost burst into tears as she shared how much pain her left hip was in and how she wanted to “pull [her] legs off”.

“The pain I’ve been feeling, it’s been horrendous. Horrendous.” (sic)

She added that she was meant to have a massage but because of the pain, she stayed in bed.

The star shared that she was “trying to move” but was “always tense”.

The NHS describes arthritis as “a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint”.

Common symptoms include; joint pain, tenderness and stiffness, restricted movement, warm red skin, and weakness and muscle wasting.

However, she ended the video more positively, saying that she was “getting there” and that the exercise was helping her to keep the weight off.

She commented that “it’s literally falling off me” and that she had lost around three stone.

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With help from hairstylist Carla Fishwick, 41, Kerry has regularly posted her workout sessions on Instagram.

She showed her commitment to working out, even when she forgot her gym wear.

Kerry also said she had been nervous about posting the video because she felt exposed.

She posted: “Dear god!!!! not gonna lie. I feel extremely vulnerable by posting that video, but I’m also sick of all these b***** filters.” (sic)

Fans supported her journey with comments including: “Well done Kerry you’re doing great! Keep going”, and “You’re an inspiration, @kerrykatona7 is so refreshing to see the reality”.

The star has been in chronic pain for numerous years, with protruded discs, arthritis in her shoulders, and cysts on her liver and ovaries.

In addition to medical operations, the mother-of-five has shared her experiences with cosmetic procedures over the years.

Last year, she released her book, Whole Again, which spoke about her time in foster care to her rise in the celebrity world.

Based on the Atomic Kitten song title, Kerry spoke about her breast implants, breast reductions, liposuction and tummy tucks.

Kerry shared behind-the-scenes clips of her recording the audiobook version of her autobiography earlier this week.

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