Kendall Jenner's Halloween Costume? Wedding Lingerie Corpse Bride

Halloween has almost arrived and celebrities are already doing the most. On top of Hailey Baldwin dressing as a Goddess of the Sea, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian showing up to an event as Sid and Nancy, and the living legend known as Kathy Hilton being Hunky Dory DDS (SCREAMING! CRYING!), Kendall Jenner is now out here dressed as a corpse bride in full wedding lingerie, complete with a veil.

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Wow, amazing that she was able to book the Fly on Mike Pence’s head to make a special appearance on the veil!

Anyway, Kendall also shared some BTS shots of her look on Instagram, and honestly it’s cool enough to make me want to pivot my entire personal brand to Possibly Haunted Antique Bridal Lingerie.

No details on what brands Kendall’s wearing just yet, but if you want to recreate this outfit for Halloween 2021 you can get started with a pair of these similar white chunky platform Mary Janes, which are $54.95 on Amazon right now:

This presumably isn’t Kendall’s only or final look of the Spooky Season, so stay tuned I guess! And reminder that last year she dressed as Pamela Anderson in Barbed Wire, complete with leather thong corset, knee-high boots, a motorcycle, and a sign that said “Vote” because obviously it was about to be a presidential election.

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Kendall also shared what appeared to (maybe) be a throwback of the look on Instagram earlier this month, writing “gotta figure out halloween.”

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Chances are we’ll see at least one Kardashian family group costume this year, and it’s possible that Kendall and her boyfriend Devin Booker will do a couples costume—though, honestly, they’re pretty low-key about their relationship so maybe not. Could go either way.

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