Keanu Reeves Once 'Rescued' a Lost Fan, Because He Is Keanu Reeves

The Year of Keanu is going from strength to strength. A fan from Australia recently shared the story of how she got lost in Los Angeles while on vacation, and Keanu Reeves came to her rescue — although she didn’t clock that it was him to begin with.

Nicole Lewis-Jacobs had completely lost her bearings in Beverly Hills. She bumped into Reeves in a café, and asked him for directions, although at this point he was simply a “bloke” to her, she told the Herald Sun. Reeves, being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, offered to give Lewis-Jacobs a lift to her destination in his Porsche, which was parked nearby, but she told him that she wasn’t in the habit of getting into cars with strange men she didn’t know.

It was at that moment that Reeves introduced himself. “I was a little shocked to realize who I was actually talking to as I did not recognize him,” she said “Well, of course I got into his black Porsche and got a lift down the street. He made sure I got to the destination, safely calling my husband and kids (who were on a bus to meet me) to say he had me in the car as well as the family friends we were visiting. It is not everyday a movie star like Keanu Reeves gives you a lift in Tinseltown.”

It’s comforting to know that Reeves is as chivalrous off-screen as we imagined, and that “be excellent to each other,” the philosophy he first propounded in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, is more than just words. Marvel Studios might be courting him to don a cape in the MCU, but it sounds like he’s already Nicole’s personal hero.

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