Katie Hopkins SLAMMED afer making ’vile’ comments about Meghan Markle in new documentary

Katie Hopkins is facing backlash for ‘vile’ comments she made against the Duchess of Sussex in an interview for an Australian TV show.

The outspoken columnist hit out at Meghan in the most recent episode of Channel 9’s 60 Minutes, which focused on ‘where it all went wrong for Meghan’.

Former Apprentice contestant Katie, 44, said: ‘There she is in her one shoulder dress, being glowing. Because all she does is glow.

‘Abdicate. Off you go. She wears bad clothes, when did we ask for that?’


The programme made reference to the recent backlash against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following reports that they had flown four private jets in 11 days.

Katie added: ‘Megan Markle is the biggest hypocrite there is.’

During the show, Katie appears outside Buckingham Palace to speak to royal fans about the Duchess.

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When one tourist tells Katie that “there’s nothing wrong with Meghan”, she puts her hands on her hips and responds: ‘but then there’s nothing right with her either.’

A friend also features on the controversial show saying Meghan changed to a ‘manipulating’ girl who wanted a celebrity boyfriend.

Royal fans have slammed Katie’s comments, labelling them ‘vile’ and ‘disgusting’ as well as criticising the Australian TV channel.

US actress Mia Farrow voiced her outrage on Twitter, writing: ‘Shame on your for airing this trash.

‘Great Britain is fortunate to have this intelligent, compassionate, beautiful woman in the Royal Family.

‘In her, Prince Harry has found happiness and for that we rejoice.’

Another Twitter user added: ‘Cat litter journalism at its finest! Attacking Meghan for no reason and Katie Hopkins is a repulsive person. Disgusting!!!.’

A third branded Katie as ‘vile’, tweeting: ‘She’s vile!! Meghan is everything she could never be and she hates it.’

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