Kate Garraway shares update on husband Dereks health amid speech battle

Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway has talked about how husband Derek's on-going battle with Covid-19 has left him struggling with speech.

Kate's husband Derek, 54, returned home from hospital in April 2021 after spending a year in hospital fighting for his life after contracting Covid-19. 

He is left with a number of complex health problems, and Kate has spoken about how he now needs round-the-clock care.

Earlier in 2022 Kate spoke out about how Derek's speech had been badly affected, leaving him unable to communicate or hold conversations.

Kate gave a further update on Derek's ongoing health battle as she discussed Hollywood star Bruce Willis recent revelation he is stepping down from his career as an actor because he has aphasia – a condition which affects his cognitive abilities.

The 54 year old TV star and her co-host Richard Madeley were joined by actor Chris Ellison, who once starred in cop show The Bill, and his wife Anita to discuss the condition. 

The 75 year old actor was diagnosed with aphasia in 2020 following a severe stroke. Chris sat with his wife as she explained how difficult Chris's condition had made their life.

Anita explained that they had become "hermits" as Chris was worried about leaving the house in case someone spoke to him and he was unable to reply. Chris attempted to answer some short questions that he had previously told Richard he wanted to answer, but he struggled to find the words and Anita stepped in to help him complete his answers.

During the candid interview, Kate related to her guests and shared the fact that Derek also finds communication very difficult.

She said: "In a sense Derek – because of Covid – has a version of this where he can understand, sometimes do odd words and but can't express himself.

"It's very interesting what you say Anita about the loneliness of that because you've lost that relationship and that ability for others to see your partner."

GMB viewers were quick to respond to the segment, and hosts Kate and Richard shared some with viewers. One said: "Prime example of awareness to talk and share our illnesses to help others, I hope Bruce Willis knows he’s helped Chris and lots of others."

Kate's update on Derek's condition comes after she made the tough decision to close his company. A friend of Kate's told the Daily Mail: "It's terribly sad, but Derek can't work and has no prospect of being able to do so in the near future, so Kate thought it best to close it down."

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