Justin Bieber To Resume Justice World Tour After Ramsey Hunt Syndrome Diagnosis

Pop superstar Justin Bieber is set to resume his Justice World Tour after postponing the trek due to his Ramsey Hunt syndrome diagnosis.

“??#JusticeTour?? @justinbieber will start his tour again at the end of July…happy to see you well & can’t wait to see you on stage JB! #BIEBERISBACK,” the singer announced on social media. The tour will kick off again at the Lucca Festival in Lucca, Italy, on July 31.

After appearances at several European festivals over the summer, Bieber will perform across South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Rescheduled dates for Bieber’s postponed shows in the U.S. will be announced later.

Bieber last month postponed 14 U.S. dates of his Justice Tour due to the health problem. The “Peaches” singer, in a video, revealed that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

According to Mayo Clinic, Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve near one of your ears. In addition to the painful shingles rash, Ramsay Hunt syndrome can cause facial paralysis and hearing loss in the affected ear.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. After chickenpox clears up, the virus still lives in your nerves. Years later, it may reactivate. When it does, it can affect your facial nerves.

Prompt treatment of Ramsay Hunt syndrome can reduce the risk of complications, which can include permanent facial muscle weakness and deafness.

(Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews)

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