Josh Duggar Admitted To Molesting A 4-Year-Old, Witness Testifies

Well, this is even more horrible than we thought.

The Josh Duggar trial continued on Monday, and as we told you last week, it was ruled the reality star’s former molestation allegations/confessions could be brought into evidence. Despite not technically being evidence of the later act of downloading child porn, it certainly shows what this guy is into — and has been for a long time. We learned today just how bad it was.

We already heard some horrifying accounts from Jim and Bobye Holt in a preliminary hearing last week. But on Monday, the family friends of the Duggars took the stand and gave their full testimony.

Josh had dated the Holts’ daughter — sorry, courted we guess? — back when they were both 14 years old in 2002 and 2003. Bobye once again recounted, this time for the jury, how the teenager had sat down for a conversation with them as well as his own parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, in which he revealed for the first time his acts against younger girls.

We’d known since that bombshell 2015 report that The 19 Kids and Counting alum had touched his younger sisters and their friend inappropriately. But Bobye described what he told them at the time as touching them in their “private areas” under their “pantaloons and underwear.” These weren’t girls near his age he was molesting; Bobye testified that he told her he’d touched a girl this was as young as ten years younger than himself. That was when he and the Holts’ daughter was dating, so we’re talking about a 4-year-old girl!

There have been no cameras allowed in the courtroom, but witnesses said Bobye had a hard time hold herself together while recounting what he had told her. Not only was it generally horrific what she was told, the reason they were part of the conversation in the first place was that some of the girls involved were her four young daughters.

It was after this confession that Jim Holt first got Jim Bob to take his son to the authorities. However, we know they didn’t charge him at the time. It’s unclear now whether that was because of officers showing leniency because of his age or because of how the story was retold to the police. After all, when put on the stand last week, Jim Bob told it a little differently, denying that Josh had ever touched any girls in their genitals, only that he had fondled their breasts. The judge later admonished him for all the things he claimed he was unable to recall.

Jim Holt’s testimony actually did add one more very inneresting piece of evidence.

If you’ve been following the case, you know a big part of it has been law enforcement techs explaining how the porn was downloaded and hidden on Josh’s work computer, through a partitioned second operating system using Linux. This was how there could be inappropriate material on the PC despite Josh’s “accountability” software that blocked adult sites AND without anyone else being able to see or access it.

The defense has tried to imply someone else could have set up the secret Linux system, but it’s a pretty specific technical skill someone would have to learn. And according to Jim, the defendant had already started way back in 2010!

Holt testified he was party to a conversation with Josh and another witness in which the then-22-year-old was already inquiring about how to set up a Linux partition in a computer. 2010! Had he already done this before? Is this only the first time his secret stash has been discovered?!

We also already know, thanks to expert testimony, that the password protecting the Linux system was Josh’s go-to password, “Intel1988,” which had also been used previously on the Duggar family Instagram account. So the defense has their work cut out for them.

The prosecution rested after the Holts’ damning testimony, leaving it to the defense to call their own witnesses to try to establish some reasonable doubt in what’s already been said.

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