Jenelle Evans: The Haters Got Jace Kicked Off TikTok! They’re Trying to Ruin His Life!

We all know that Jenelle Evans is a ridiculous human being.

From her beginnings as the most violent of the Teen Moms to her current career as a wannabe influencer, Jenelle has shown us time and again that she doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “rock bottom.”

Many times over the years we thought Jenelle had reached the lowest point she could possibly reach.

But inevitably, she finds a way to surprise us and debase herself even further.

So how has Jenelle embarrassed herself this week?

Well, unfortunately the situation involves her long-suffering eldest son, Jace, which means this story is more sad than funny.

As you’re probably aware, Jenelle is obsessed with TikTok.

It’s a place where she can cling to her last scraps of fame and do goofy dances for an audience of zoomers, most of whom only have a vague idea of who she is, and thus, are unaware of her many atrocities.

That’s all well and good, but over the weekend, Jenelle decided to get 12-year-old Jace in on the act, which is a problem for multiple reasons.

For one, it sucks that he’s getting roped into the family grift before he even reaches his teens.

On top of that, TikTok has an age limit, and users under the age of 13 are not allowed to create accounts.

It’s a pretty straightforward policy, but because Jenelle hails from the land of make-believe she’s trying to convince her critics of two ridiculous lies:

1. She has nothing to do with the content Jace produces (even though she appeared in his first and only video), and she in no way stands to benefit from his involvement with TikTok, which happens to be his mother’s sole source of income.

2. There’s a crazy loophole in the TikTok terms of service that allows children under the age of 13 to make accounts if they have their parents’ permission.

(We checked; no such loophole exists. How would the kids even prove they have their parents’ permission?)

So Jace got kicked off TikTok for the simple reason that he’s not old enough to use the site, and Jenelle is throwing one of her signature hissy fits and blaming it all on “the haters.”

“Jace is banned from @tiktok because of Twitter haters #GetALife,” she wrote on her own account.

Now, “get a life” is a pretty rich comment coming from someone who’s never held a real job in her adult life, but the insanity doesn’t end there.

“Jace controls his own account,” Jenelle said, apparently in response to the people who accused her of manipulating her son.

“Sweetheart, you’re not going to hurt my feelings if you get their accounts shut down. You’re going to hurt their feelings,” she continued/

“Why ruin my kids’ opportunities because you dislike me?” Jenelle went on.

“That’s ridiculous! Grow up!”

Again, Jenelle telling anyone to grow up is the height of irony, but we digress.

The use of the word “opportunities” is a major red flag because that’s what Jenelle calls her little money-making schemes, and she’s obviously not self-aware enough to know when she’s giving herself up.

She went on to argue that Jace “uses TikTok to connect with his friends and watches gamers. That’s it.” She added:

“I check his phone once a week and go through everything.”

Of course, it was creating content — content that features his famous mother showing off her dance moves, no less — that got Jace noticed and hot his account suspended.

If he had just been watching gamers, none of this would have happened.

It’s like Jenelle has stopped putting any effort into her lies.

And it’s a little sad, because they’re less fun to figure out now.

Oh, well, at least that’ll make things easier for the next round of CPS investigators.

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