Jenelle Evans Is the Best-Looking Of All the Teen Moms, “Expert” Says

Last week, we told you about a bizarre report that came to us courtesy of UK tabloid The Sun.

The outlet had spoken with a woman named Lucy Williams, who owns a company that offers Botox treatments and other fillers to women in the UK.

Now, it would be a stretch to call Williams an expert on female beauty, but The Sun did exactly that and published an article on which member of the Teen Mom OG cast is most attractive … according to Lucy.

The article was completely non-scandalous, as Williams had nothing but nice things to say about everyone in the cast.

But the headline must have garnered quite a few clicks, as The Sun decided to follow that up with another consultation from Lucy.

And in this time, in a move that seems calculated to make the Teen Mom fan community explode in a fireball of rage (hey, clicks are clicks) Lucy has named Jenelle the most attractive of all the Teen Moms.

“Jenelle has a beautiful balance and perfect symmetry to her face shape, in my opinion, she is the most beautiful,” she told the tabloid.

Now, we don’t know if that means she’s the best looking of all the Teen Moms, or just the Teen Mom 2 cast, or just the moms that Lucy saw that day, as that’s the only quote that Williams provided.

But hey, we hope that Jenelle enjoys a nice little confidence boost from that comment.

Don’t get us wrong, she remains a bigot, and an abuser of children and animals.

She’s still the same person who testified that her children are afraid of David Eason and then forced them to move back in with them.

She still wished death on a US troop who was soon to be deployed, which should be enough on its own to earn her a lifetime cancelation.

But in a recent months, a disturbing trend has emerged, as some critics of Jenelle’s have gone entirely too far in criticizing her appearance.

Whether commenters are speculating that Jenelle is pregnant with her fourth child, or simply leaving rude comments on her videos, it’s never okay to attack someone’s appearance simply because you don’t like them.

When you engage in that sort of foolishness, you give Jenelle the moral high ground.

And she loves having the high ground, because her house is sinking! Zing!

See? There’s so much to make fun of Jenelle for, that you really don’t need to drag her looks into it.

Williams’ remarks are based solely on the ratio between three sections of Jenelle’s face.

Apparently, the perfect ratio between these three portions of skull constituted some standard of Greek beauty.

And it seems that Ms. Evans has everything what Aristotle and the boys were looking for (well … maybe not everything they were looking for).

For the sake of our own comments section, we’ll point out that Williams’ did not comment on Jenelle’s body in any way, so your shouldn’t either!

Let’s just go ahead and let Jenelle have this W — she hasn’t had anything to celebrate in a long, long, (long) time.

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