Jake Paul Still Facing Criminal Charges for Arizona Mall Incident

Jake Paul‘s not out of the woods yet for roaming an Arizona mall as it was being looted by George Floyd protestors … the feds declined to prosecute him, but local authorities still hit him with charges.

Reps for the City of Scottsdale tell TMZ … now that the feds are passing on pursuing federal charges after their own investigation, the city has decided to refile charges against Jake.

Remember, Jake was initially busted and charged with 2 criminal misdemeanors — criminal trespass and unlawful assembly — but the City Attorney dropped the case when the feds launched its own investigation. The City had the option of refiling.

That’s exactly what happened … sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, the City Attorney learned back in May the feds had completed their investigation and decided not to file charges. At that point, the City Attorney re-filed the misdemeanor case against Jake.

TMZ broke the story … the feds say they didn’t find enough evidence to pursue federal charges against Jake for his conduct in the Scottsdale shopping center days after Floyd’s murder.

Remember … video shows Jake inside the mall as it’s being looted on May 30, 2020 and he was busted by Scottsdale Police. The feds eventually stepped in and launched an investigation, which included FBI raids at his home in Calabasas and the famous Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas.

Bottom line … Jake’s off the hook with the feds, but he still has to deal with a couple of charges in Arizona. He’s due in court after Labor Day.

If convicted, he faces a maximum of a year in jail.

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