It’s Time to Meet Thomas Sadoski, Aka Amanda Seyfried’s Super-Sexy Husband

It’s been quite a while since Amanda Seyfried’s days predicting the weather with her boobs, and she’s just received a rather impressive acting accolade: She’s nominated for her first Oscar. While we’re all sitting back waiting to see whether she wins Best Supporting Actress for her role in Mank (the Academy Awards are on April 25, so mark your iCals), we couldn’t help but wonder just a little bit about what happens when she’s not in front of a camera.

Well, Amanda has a really cute husband, who you probably know from his own acting work. Amanda and Thomas Sadoski have the NYC theater scene to thank for introducing them, as they met when working on the off-Broadway play The Way We Get By back in 2015. By early 2017, the couple married and gave birth to daughter Nina. They have since welcomed a second child (a baby boy named Thomas), and after four years of marriage, it looks like the couple is still super in love. Cute!

Our next question: Who exactly is Thomas Sadoski? Here’s what we know:

He’s a Southern boy at heart.

Born and raised in Texas, he decided during his high school years that he wanted to pursue his dream of acting. Although he did try college for a semester (“things didn’t really work out for me, and it didn’t really work out for them,” he told WWD in 2010), he eventually enrolled in NYC’s Circle in the Square Theatre School.

A post shared by Amanda Seyfried💛 (@mingey)

A post shared by Amanda Seyfried💛 (@mingey)

A post shared by Amanda Seyfried💛 (@mingey)

He’s most famous for his role in The Newsroom.

Aaron Sorkin fans absolutely know Thomas, as he’s most recognized for portraying executive producer Don Keefer in the hit HBO series The Newsroom. The series follows a group of journalists as they prepare for a nightly news show. Thomas’s character, while a bit brash and overly cocky about his romances with fellow colleagues, is the show’s unsung hero. Oh, forget me blabbing—stop what you’re doing and just binge it already!

He also has acting credits on stage and in film.

You don’t think he’s just had success on TV, right? He’s starred in a number of blockbuster movies, including the first two John Wick movies and the indie film Wild. His true success lies in his stage career, with way more credits to his name than we can possibly count. Oh, and he received a Tony nom for his role in 2009’s Reasons to Be Pretty.

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This is Thomas’s second marriage.

And his attitude toward his previous relationship is actually one of the things Amanda liked about him when they first met. As Amanda told PorterEdit in 2018, she was respectful of her now-husband’s relationship when they first worked together, although she took note of how respectful Thomas was toward his ex. She said it was “another reason I thought, later on, I could marry him.”

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He’s outspoken on human rights, especially on social media.

He’s constantly posting about the various organizations he works with and raising funds for whatever cause he’s looking to support. In fact, when his son was born, he tied it into asking for donations to INARA and War Child, both organizations that help make the world safer for children. He also actively posts about racial issues and social justice.

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Can’t wait to meet this man via our Zoom screens this Sunday!

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