Is Selena Gomez Dating Niall Horan?

When fans found out that Selena Gomez and Niall Horan were hanging out together, many believed they might be dating, but what is their relationship status? Are they together or just friends?

Romance rumors kicked off

Last week, Gomez and Horan were spotted together at dinner… with a group of friends. It didn’t take much for people to make the leap that perhaps the two are dating. After all, in a photo that made the rounds, Horan had his arm around Gomez.

If that wasn’t enough,Gomez’s recent shout out on socialmedia about Horan’s new song raised someeyebrows. At the time, Gomez took to her Instagram Story to share about hissong: “This came out like 5 mins ago and I’m pretty sure you need todownload.”

Are Gomez and Horan dating?

Despite those signs, it appears the two are just friends, as a source told E! News: “Selena and Niall are not dating and have been hanging out as friends. They have always been good friends and have kept in touch throughout the years.”

The insider added: “They both always have been verysupportive of each other’s music and have talked about collaboratingbefore.”

Back in 2015, Horan and Gomez were reportedly seen together at Jenna Dewan’s birthday party, with an eyewitness telling E! News at the time: “Selena and Niall came together and were seen kissing. They were seen making out by a handful of people. Selena seemed super into it. And Niall even more so.”

When asked about Horan, Gomez denied that they were not dating, telling ET: “Oh my god! No. I love him, I always have. He’s amazing.”

Gomez is focused on work, health, friends, and family

While fans think that Gomez and Horan would make a greatcouple, the insider shares that her focus isn’t on a romantic relationshipright now.

The source shared: “Selena has truly had atransformative year. She feels more stable and healthy than she has in the lastcouple of years and has been on a great path. Her overall health has increasedtremendously.”

They added: “She has a new approach to every aspect of her life and wants to maintain a low-key lifestyle. She is focused on her health, family, friends and putting out new music. She has been working in the studio and putting a lot of effort into putting out new music, which she hopes to be out in the early new year.”

Gomez is reportedly taking time for herself away from thespotlight, with the insider sharing: “She has a really good group offriends that she hangs out with regularly and loves to do low-key activitieslike an early dinner, hang out at home or hang outside in her backyard chatting.Selena really enjoys staying out of the spotlight and focusing on what mattersmost. She has a more positive attitude towards life and doesn’t sweat the smallstuff like she would have in the past.”

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