Is Former 'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham An Anti-Vaxxer?

Farrah Abraham may have just gone a little too far for some Teen Mom fans. Jessica Biel surprised the world recently when she took a stand against vaccinations. The actress joined a group of lobbyists to fight a new law in California that supported vaccinating children from diseases, such as the measles. While Biel’s stance shocked her fanbase, she is not the only person on television that supports the anti-vaccination movement.

Farrah Abraham speaks out against vaccinations

Abraham recently talked about the anti-vaxxers and admitted that she completely agrees with their ideology. In fact, not only does she think that people should not be vaccinating their children, but she oddly compared her argument to the abortion debate — at least when it comes to free choice.

“I think it’s all good with the anti-vaccinations,”Abraham shared.

] Abraham admitted that she debated whether or not to get herdaughter, Sophia, vaccinated against life-threatening diseases. The realitystar worried about her daughter getting sick, despite the very real risk of hercontracting a disease that the vaccinations would prevent.

She then stated that children sometimes die after beingvaccinated, though she failed to mention that many of these deaths are becauseof an allergy to the medications.

Farrah Abraham believes vaccinations should not be required

At the end of the day, Abraham thinks that the decision tovaccinate should be left up to the parents. She even compared the issue to howwomen should have the right to choose when it comes to abortion.

For Abraham, she believes that parents should only vaccinate whenthey feel like it will benefit their family. She also said that she agrees witheverything that Biel has been doing and that the new law in California, whichwould prevent people from denying vaccinations based on believes, should not bepassed.

After she made headlines, Biel attempted to clear the air about her stance against vaccinations. The actress told her followers on social media that she fully supports vaccinations for children. But, like Farrah Abraham, Biel feels as though parents should be able to decide if their kids get vaccinated or not.

For Biel, the debate is more about parental rights than anythingelse, at least that’s what she tried to argue. She also revealed that she has afriend whose child could not get vaccinated due to a medical condition, whichis why she got involved in the issue in the first place.

Farrah Abraham fully supports Biel

Abraham did not end her argument there. The reality star went onto praise Biel for advocating what is best for all of the parties involved. Shethen addressed another problem that arises when children do not get vaccinated.This includes how schools prohibit children from attending if they do not havethe proper vaccinations.

There are, of course, good reasons why these rules are in placeas they help safeguard other children from getting serious diseases.

Overall, Farrah Abraham believes the system is not equal, though she is open to the idea of vaccinations when it comes to her own kids. In fact, the former Teen Mom star revealed that her daughter was vaccinated and that everything worked out just fine.

Abraham now has her daughter taking online classes for schoolingso that she can travel with her. Before their trips around the world, however,Abraham made sure her daughter was fully vaccinated against potential diseases.

Fans criticize Farrah Abraham’s mom for how she raised her

This past week, fans took to social media and criticizedAbraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, for how she raised her. After one fan askedif Danielsen feels like a failure in light of Abraham’s behavior, she revealedthat she has no regrets with how she raised the Teen Mom alum. She alsosaid that everyone makes their own decisions and she raised Abraham will allthe love and empathy she could muster.

Farrah Abraham rose to fame starring on MTV’s popular realityseries, 16 and Pregnant. She also appeared on Teen Mom and TeenMom OG before being fired from the franchise in 2018 amid severalcontroversies. Abraham has not commented on the backlash she has received forbeing an anti-vaxxer.

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