Hailey Bieber Shared an Unfiltered Selfie Showing Blemishes, 'Irritated and Inflamed Skin'

If there’s one celebrity who has me raging with skin envy (in a good way, ofc), it’s Hailey Bieber. Having shared endless makeup-free selfies on Instagram, the model has well and truly earned her title as the glazed donut skin queen – her complexion really does look like an original Krispy Kreme.

So, when browsing through Hailey’s IG stories just yesterday, it came as a refreshing surprise to see her share a selfie of her ‘angry skin’.

As we all know, the internet can often be used as a highlight reel, with many (including me) sharing only what they want others to see. I mean, I am yet to post an 8am bedhead selfie with pimple patches adorning my face but who knows, maybe that’s one for the future seeing as Hails has been so candid with her latest posts.

In the first of her six part story, Hailey says: “For the past week my skin has been a little angry and irritated for I think a few factors: stress, travel, lack of sleep, PMS, testing out a new product”.

Now, IDK about you but I find this very relatable!

She then goes on to share how she combats her “irritated” skin. She shares: “Usually when my skin gets like this I only reach for products that will help calm and heal the skin while keeping bacteria away.. Here’s what I’ve been using !”

The first product she recommends is the Tower 28 Beauty SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray, £41, which is a simple but effective daily treatment used to soothe stressed skin and reduce the look of redness and irritation.

The next two products she recommends are from her very own brand, Rhode Beauty.

However, the final product Hails advocates for is one that she says she will always love, writing: “I ❤️ this product forever”. So, I guess it must be a good’un! And that good’un is the Avène Cicalfate + Restorative Protective Cream for Very Sensitive Skin, £13.50, which she uses on top of all other products at night.

There we have it! All that Hailey reaches for when her skin is a tad angry.

What i’ve been reaching for this week as my skin has been feeling irritated and inflamed 🤍 @Tower 28 Beauty @rhode @AveneUSA 🤍🤍

As one fan puts it in the comments of her TikTok post: “This was so reassuring that we are all humans and nobody has prefect skin . Not even the queen of skin. Thank u for being so real and transparent 🥰”.

Reassuring indeed.

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