‘Grown-ish’ Star Trevor Jackson Gets Super Cool New ‘Harry Potter’ Tattoo – Check it out!

Who knew Trevor Jackson was such a huge Potterhead?!

The 23-year-old grown-ish actor and singer recently got an amazing tattoo dedicated to his love for Harry Potter.

“@nessaurelia thank u for the tatt and good vibes ?????? #harryandvoldemort #harrypotter,” he captioned a set of photos on Instagram.

The tattoo is of Harry’s glasses and has a lightning bolt above it. Inside the glasses are images of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry in one lens, and Voldemort in the other.

We did find this video where Trevor professes his love for Harry Potter.

“I’ve seen all of them at least 20 times, and if you haven’t seen Harry Potter, you’re definitely not fly, I’m sorry,” he said. “You can’t be on a broomstick, you can’t do magic tricks, you don’t deserve to be in the air.”


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