Grief stricken Georgia Harrisons heartache as friend tragically dies after cancer battle

Georgia Harrison has shared her heartache as her beloved friend Cenk Fahri has died.

Love Island star posted a heartfelt tribute to her late friend Cenk, who was battling leukaemia before his death.

Cenk, who Georgia went to school with, was first diagnosed with cancer when he was 17.

Recently, Cenk was tragically given six months to live as he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which is a type of cancer that affects white blood cells.

And now Georgia has revealed her beloved friend has passed away as she paid tribute to him on her Instagram page.

Georgia shared a series of snaps of herself and Cenk from their many years of friendship and wrote a heartbreaking message to her late friend in the caption.

She said: "i’m sorry cenk , sorry for all the time i wasted crying over boys when laughing with you was the most priceless feeling i could ever wish for.

"I’m sorry for all the times i accidentally c**k blocked you. i’m sorry for all of the people that should of got to say good bye but couldn’t , i’m sorry for all the pain you went through, i’m sorry i believed you when you would hide it from me, i know it was just because you wanted to protect us girls cause you were such a man.

"I'm sorry for your mum and the family members who have lost such an unimaginably special soul,i’ll always stay in touch with your family and visit them and you will forver be my motivation , my inspiration and my absolute best friend."

The Love Island star continued: "You were so supportive , you always believed in me and i hope one day i’ll see myself the way you saw me. I’m just absolutely grief stricken.

"It’s like every inch of me aches and times just slowed down but once i’m me again i will be more grateful for every person in my life, every little moment because even though our friendship was perfect from start to finish i still face so many little pathetic regrets.

"I was so scared to allow my mind to wander to the thought of my current reality i allowed myself to believe you would always be here so although for a third of our life you have been in and out of illness yesterday was still such a shock too me. Its even replaying in my dreams the feeling is inescapable."

Georgia then added a private joke between the pair as she said: "Love you so much my towel (cool whip snapper) see you on the other side".

Finally, Georgia then recalled her heartbreaking final conversation with her dear friend Cenk.

"Our last conversation will forever haunt my memory," she wrote. "I’d never seen u cry before that. You didn’t know why this was to happening too you.

"I didn’t have an appropriate answer and i never will because it makes no sense to me or anyone who was lucky enough to have known you. At least the last thing we said was i love you" she penned, followed by a heart emoji.

She then ended the caption with: "always have and i always will xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".

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