Fred Sirieix unveils dream 1st date as Gogglebox debut with fiancée Fruitcake wows fans

Fred Sirieix promotes LU biscuits as an afternoon snack

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Fred Sirieix, 50, is a passionate dancer, as followers of Strictly might already be aware, and he’d love to step into the Tango scene in a city he promises readers is the sexiest in the world – Paris. The worldwide foodie, who debuted on Celebrity Gogglebox with his fiancée Fruitcake last week, much to the excitement of the Channel 4 show’s fans, also cited the French capital as the perfect place to enjoy a meal.

I would go to Paris because it’s the sexiest city in the world

Fred Sirieix

“For a first date, I would go to Paris because it’s the sexiest city in the world.

“I’d go and stroll on the Seine, maybe go and dance the Tango on the steps of the Opera House,” he revealed.

“People dance all sorts of dances around Paris, they set up these sort of guerilla balls where anybody can go and dance.”

Just a week before speaking to, Fred had been in the midst of the Opera House action.

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Oh my God, it was beautiful,” he enthused, “and they were taking it so seriously”.

“People were just following the music and the beat and they were just well into it. It’s quite something to watch!”

Although Fred gained a substantial following when he took part in Strictly Come Dancing’s Christmas special in 2021, he wouldn’t necessarily always be keen to join in with the action.

The last time he saw the Tango being performed on the streets of Paris, he was merely an observer.

He is modest when the topic of his dancing skills comes up, exclaiming: “You either have it, or you don’t, and I don’t have it!”

In fact, he admitted that the intensity of his first day of rehearsals made him physically sick, causing him to rush home from the BBC studios to vomit.

“It was just a hardcore training session and I had a hard, long day… four hours dancing non-stop,” he confided.

“I do a lot of sport, but that was really intense and I just got back home and started to vomit.

“That’s just your body is telling you, ‘You’ve had enough – have a shower and go to bed.'”

The next day of training proved much less strenuous for Fred, who admits: “I just needed to get it out of my system, I guess!”

In spite of it being one of the biggest “challenges” of his life, there’s no question in Fred’s mind that he’d take on an entire full-length series of Strictly – but only if he has the time.

“If it takes me three weeks to get a one and a half minute dance routine, when do you have the week to nail just one dance?” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, during his downtime, it will come as no surprise that foodie Fred loves to eat – and he indulges his passion in romantic Paris.

“I was [there] only a couple of weeks ago… because I love the food there,” he exclaimed.

“If you go to France, you’ve gotta eat French food, just like if you go to Italy you eat Italian food.”

Declaring that food – like dates – is about “the pleasure of the senses”, Fred will likely be taking his fiancée Fruitcake to enjoy a meal in the city of love soon.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs tonight at 9pm.

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