Felicity Huffman ‘is willing to pay whatever price she has to pay’

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Before Felicity Huffman’s appearance in court last Friday, I applauded her for admitting guilt, taking a plea deal and for treating the federal charges with the gravity they deserved. I compared her favorably to Lori Loughlin, who seems like an utter nutjob. But after reading all of the coverage from Felicity’s court appearance, I’m feeling less generous. Her statement to the court about the circumstances around her scheme to buy her daughters’ SAT scores came across as massively disingenuous. William H. Macy’s statement was awful too – he made Felicity sound like a terrible, obsessive mother who treated their daughters like science projects. Anyway, it probably doesn’t matter now – since Felicity took a plea deal, her sentence will probably be very light. And she’s ready for it.

Felicity Huffman is ready to face her fate. The Desperate Housewives actress, 56, who was charged in this year’s bombshell college admissions fraud investigation, is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday — and a source says she is ready to make up for her wrongdoing.

“She is willing to pay whatever price she has to pay for breaking the law and she is committed to making amends to the public and to the educational community and giving back in a substantive way,” says the source. In a recommendation to the judge, prosecutors called for the actress to face one month in prison followed by 12 months of supervised release as well as a $20,000 fine. Through her attorney, Huffman asked for one year of probation and community service.

But no court decision will be as heartbreaking to Huffman as the pain she has caused her family.

“She is focused right now on repairing her relationships within her family and helping put their lives back together,” says the source. “As a mother and wife, she wants to do everything she can to heal her family.”

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After reading Felicity’s statement and WHM’s statements, as I said, I’m feeling less generous. Their daughters are apparently still mad at Felicity for what she did, and I believe that she did it without their knowledge. But truly, their daughters sound like they’ve been so “handled” and “managed” by their mother since birth, it’s a wonder both girls aren’t in need of a massive amount of therapy. Sophia is 19 and Georgia is 17, and Felicity has left them utterly unprepared for life in the real world. That will probably be the larger punishment – the daughters will have no idea how to function in real life without mommy there to do everything for them.

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