Everything You Need to Know About Jena Frumes, the Vine-Star-Turned-TikTok Celebrity

If your eyeballs have been glued to your phone for the last, hm, five years, Jena Frumes is more than likely on your radar. She was probably all over your Vine feed (R.I.P.) doing some funny skits or workout-style videos, or maybe you spotted a pic of her basking in the sun somewhere tropical on your Instagram Explore page, or you just came across clips of her on Wild ‘N Out. Nowadays, the woman is a regular on your FYP and also happens to be dating a super famous musician.

But you might be surprised to learn that she was working at Hooters and was *thisclose* to becoming a lawyer before her social media career took off. So, on that note, let’s dive in. Who *is* Jena? Answers right this way.

She’s 27 years old


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Jena was born on September 21, 1993. She barely made the cut, but she is indeed a Virgo!

She has over 4 million followers on both Instagram and TikTok.


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She’s known to post content about fitness, dancing, comedy skits, traveling, and modeling.

She was raised in foster care

In a Q&A YouTube video, someone asked why she didn’t “post her family.” She revealed that she wasn’t close with her family because she was in foster care as a child.

Acting is her passion

Idk why I love this audio plus I love  croissants 🥐 🤣 good morning ☀️

She’s been taking acting classes in order to break into the industry.

Jennifer Lopez is one of her idols

I mean, like, same…J.Lo can do no wrong!

She’s gotten some work done

And she’s not afraid to admit it! She’s had a breast augmentation and got lip fillers.

Jena got her start on Vine and Insta


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Her following started to grow when she began posting comedy skits.

She worked at Hooters while building her social media career

Specifically, at their location in Atlanta. She needed to make money while going back and forth to L.A. to work on her videos.

Originally, she wanted to be an attorney

For a brief amount of time, she attended North Carolina Central University on a full-ride scholarship and studied criminal justice and English. She dropped out her junior year.

Being a Wild ‘N Out girl is on her résumé

Yup! You’ve seen her on your TV screen before! A couple of years ago, she helped out with the different skits and games on Nick Cannon’s improv show.

She’s cool with fellow Wild ‘N Out girl, Sommer Ray

My savage love bug 💕 @sommerray

They’ve stayed close, even after they both left the show!

Jason Derulo is her boyfriend

💛 @jasonderulo

And their couple content is on point!!

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